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So I have moved to the Adams Redline. I hit em well. But stock off the rack they are in need of adjustment. The clubs fit my body type and swing type. The pro that put me in these said I had a natural golf swing with all of my clubs. I am going to swing these for a couple of weeks before I go and have them reviewed.    :)
I think that everyone will benefit from a fitting. Period. The thought that you have to be a scratch or 10 and under handicapper, in my opinion, is just so much baloney. I was well above my current 25 handicap when I went in and got my clubs fit. I had a bunch of different lies on all of my irons. They fixed that and made sure that the way I swung the clubs were adjusted for as well. I ended up trading out my driver because the one I had was too tough for me to...
Same with mine. :) But the front seat is a very safe place for your baby. :)  
In theory that is exactly what it should be. I am an instructor, high school, and have a good deal of "good will" as many kids line up for my classes. This is because I teach them the real stuff and help them to be better at music.   Having said that I went to Haggin Oaks, no slam on any of them except this one teacher, to purchase irons. I bought the A7's from Adams. With the purchase they gave me the fitting for them. So I toddled over and met this "golf pro" and told...
I haven't started yet. Only been at this since March. Went from 5x par to bogey ball...    Now that I am hitting the ball straight, mostly, and feeling comfortable with my swing...I am going to start lessons.
I am not sure if looking for donations for a Title 1 high school golf team is alright or not. If not please delete it. If this is not the right spot to place it ... please move it to the correct space.   Hello all,   I have been asked to help with the mens and womens golf teams at the high school I teach at. No I am not a great golfer. Just very enthusiastic.   I went in and met with the girls and the other coaches (girls in the fall, boys in the spring) the...
My clubs fit nicely in the front seat of my 2005 Chrysler Crossfire LTD Roadster. :)
When I find my "ultimate" wedges... I am sticking with them. The groove sharpener keeps em fresh? so be it. I am not looking to dig a trench. :) 
Oh my goodness. What a difference it makes to have a fitting.   Hitting them well.   :)
Thank you. :)   I am scheduled for the fitting next month, after payday, and will get this fixed.   I had the shop bend them to standard (factory settings) so I can practice hitting them and then go in for the fitting. I found that all but the one that was set to factory standards were all over the place, prior to finding out that they were off, and that I hit the one that was at factory standard really well.    I will update all y'all in a couple of...
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