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Cool.   Where should I go for the Static Fitting? Go to Golf Galaxy, Dicks, or ... golf course? I live in Sacramento. What do I look for in a fitting person? Do I ask for a "static fitting" when I go where ever?   Thank you sir for the help. I really appreciate it.   Craig  
Hey all,   Would you please take a minute or so and tell me about fitting. I have been told for several weeks that my swing in great...that I am a natural...that golf loves me...   Whatever.   Now, several of the people I hang with are telling me that I need to get my clubs fitted. What does that mean?   I play the following:   Taylormade r7 10.5* driver Taylormade burner 3 wood   A3OS irons...   4h, 5h, 6h, 7i, 8i, 9i, PW, SW   Help is...
Way to go Tristan. Thank you. Perfect explanation.   Ok. So if I need to get a gap wedge I should look, and hit at the range/store, at the range of 48 to 50ish... And then get comfy with what I have and learn to hit them all to the best of my ability and love the game like I do....   Coolio...      
Updates....   Went to Golf Galaxy to get my yardage, and clubs, checked. :)      What's in my bag 7-Jun-11             Taylor Made Woods Model Loft Lie Length Flex Yardage R7 Quad Driver 10.5   45.00" R 185 - 195 Burner...
Hey all...   Upon advice from a friend I have been tracking the yardage of my clubs. Being new, 2 months on the driving range now and two rounds of actual golf, I am not sure where I stand as far as distance for my clubs. I had my club head speed checked and it is about 85mph. I hit the clubs straight most of the time, when I am not trying to watch the ball fly. :)   Would you all be willing to chime in and give me your opinions?   Hope so...   So here we...
I don't have the 3i/3h... I am not sure I could get the 5w out of the tall grass. I spent a bunch of time today hitting the 4h and finally got the feel for it. I can hit it off a low tee and off the deck fairly well. Well pretty good in my "only been out for two months now" status. Between 160yds and @170yds. ... fairly straight most of the time.   Dunno. If I get to the point where I need the 3h then I will try and find one. :)   Thank you for your help.
  I was just offering to the nice person a response to his request. If it was inappropriate I apologize. 
  75.00 plush shipping. 3 - PW/SW. That's pretty inexpensive, because these are not cheap. :)
So...   If I have a Driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood ... 4 - PW irons/hybrids ... Do I need a 3 iron/hybrid and a gap wedge? I have a flop wedge.   Thoughts?
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