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Hey all,   After your help with the driver I am back to get some insight and help with my upgrade of my irons.   I hit the following really pretty well:   Wilson Staff half & half Di11 Cobra S3 combo Nike Mach Speed graphite   I tried the steel shafts and not so good...    So, what do you think of the different irons? one set better than another and for what reason?   I have the 3 through Sand Wedge on the Technique RM880's and they are...
  Thank you that is an awesome explanation. 
Since I am new to golf I would like to ask a newb question. What does GW stand for?
Picture of the "new to me" club.
Ok. So I bought a "starter" driver. One that in time I will grow out of. It is the Cleveland DST Launcher Draw. 10.5* loft. 45" long regular flex Diamana graphite shaft. I hit it in the 200+yds range after the first shot. Nearly straight as an arrow. :)   Thank you all for your help.
  Yeah. It was tough to get used to them. But they are comfortable now. Maybe I should sell them and step up to current technology for irons as well?    It was the only one they had - Diablo - ... but I hit the snot out of that one. The sound is a bit unnerving. I did like the way the Cobra felt and I hit it pretty well.    
No hijacking...    What is a "great big bertha" driver? in comparison with all of the above?
The pix are the ones that I thought I hit the best.
I hit this one pretty well...     I liked the feel of this one... and hit it really well.
Here is the 3 wood that I can hit really very straight. I understand that the 16degree loft is what launches it but...I hit it straight.   Any thoughts what this iron is? I was told that it was a Mizuno knock off.
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