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I have balls in my bag that I've played 2-4 rounds with. But if I'm playing in a tournament, I change when I scuff it. Whether it's from a wedge or cart path. Golf balls are engineered to be aerodynamic. When you scuff a ball, it adds wind resistance to that particular side and can cause some weird spin. Not like a ball hit by a mower, but you might notice it.
The reason I suggested working on flexibility is because near the top of his back swing, he kind of changes planes and lifts his arm up. This is because he isn't flexible enough to complete his shoulder turn. Being flexible enables you to have a fluid powerful swing. That's why TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is so popular. Flexibility is key to a good golf swing.  
Hey mate, first off you have a nice looking swing. The only things I might suggest would be to work on stretches, play the ball closer to the middle of your stance, maybe an inch inside your left foot, and maybe strengthen your grip. By stretching often, 3-4 times a day, you'll be able to complete your back swing rather than going kind of vertical at the top. A lot of times when you play the ball that far up in your stance, it's hard to have a square face because of...
It's hard to give advice blind, but I'll try. When you go practice Saturday, try this. Set up with a slightly open stance with the ball slightly behind center. Don't stand too close to the ball. When you're chipping or pitching, tempo is key. The final thing is keeping your head level. Don't dip your head. If you do this, I'd be impressed if you chunked it. Good luck on Sunday.
If you have to pick, definitely get lessons first. Every time. Going on to the clubs. The AP1's are high quality game improvement irons. My brother hits them and loves them. Something to consider when buying them: There are two differences between the 2010 and 2011 models. One big, one small. The small is that the only thing they changed on them is the color scheme and the removal of one degree of bounce off each iron. The big is the price difference. I'd suggest buying...
I've been putting my own grips on since I was 12. I do it the way my dad taught me and like his dad taught him. (I did add something for efficiency and less consumption) It's super cheap and easy. Supplies: Grip tape, lighter fluid, two cereal bowls or tupperware. After removing the old grip and tape, put the desired amount of tape on the grip and peel off back. Use your finger to block the little hole in the grip and squirt lighter fluid in. Fill for about 7...
Since I can't see a video, I will just throw out some things that I commonly see people do when they push slice it.  The first thing I always look at is grip. A weak grip is the problem 90% of the time. Try rotating your left hand to your right. It's ok if you can see 3 knuckles. Another thing is how far you're standing from the ball. If you're standing like you do for your shorter clubs, you get jammed in and can't get through. <(My guess of what your problem...
Diagnosing swing faults is terribly difficult without visual aid. The first thing that comes to mind is standing further away from the ball and putting the ball inside your lead foot instead of in the middle.
The pull is not a result of over active wrists, the hook is. The pull is swing path. A simple drill to correct it is to put two alignment sticks or clubs about 4 inches apart (or the distance you feel comfortable with) and aim them at your target. If you come across the ball and pull it, you'll hit the stick. Swinging down the middle will give you the correct path. 
After reading all of your responses, that could be the problem. It sounds like your path is fine. http://www.lamkingrips.com/Find_Your_Grip.php If you go to this site and follow the instructions you can find the perfect grip for you. Changing grips and using a steeper swing plane would be my two recommendations since I can't see your swing.
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