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I have on occasion smacked the ball a bit over 300. Acctually measured it with a golf buddies gps system. I can not say that I average 300 though, Maybe maybe 280-285
i think its totally worth it, $230 for a new R11 that goes for $399
I would suggest hitting as many clubs as you can. The 2.0's do feel great that is what I just upgraded to and hopefully they will be in next week. Good luck on your trek and let us know what you end up with. Mande
Looks amazing. Have a good time out there
Love this driver, havnt hit it on the course but did hit the driving range on base. I have a very high loft on all my shots and was easily clearing 240 in the air not sure how much roll it was getting or how far past the fence it was. O yea the Fence on the range is 240 out
Seems like alot of us are in the same position. I was hitting a set of Spalding's that my grandfather passed onto me at the age of 15. I turned 23 on the 19th. Thats 8 years for me and who knows how long he had them for lol. I did some research online seems they came out in 1986, before I was even born. I had never hit any other clubs up to this point and my golf partner has been telling me everyday how good I could be if I just upgraded my clubs. From my hand me down...
I just picked up a R11 from a guy I golfed with in a Tournament. I paid $300 for the driver and a Odyssey Backstryke putter. Couldnt beat the deal. Sorry back on topic lol. I love the driver, it looks great and I think it hits even better. With my old driver I have a problem with skying the ball. The R11's adjustments to make it a lower loft acctually worked for me.   Irons not sure on the R9's I went with the burner 2.0's. I would suggest going to hit them. If your...
I was thinking the same thing 120 off is big. Is the store Dicks Sporting goods? And where are they offering them for 380? Dicks wanted 699 for the Burner 2.0's, Edwin watts wanted 615. After getting fitted and all the good stuff the manager dropped the price to 575 for me. May have been Military discount though idk.  Look into it more before you pull the trigger    
Big Daddy your less then a Hour from me lol  
ah aright, im up in Jax
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