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false, the manager is NOT allowed to give out free green fees.. but look, he gave the kid a break... but it's still considered "sneaking on" if the district manager came and asked.. so you're wrong, he was given false permission.
so for all those still following this thread...   do you realize how much of hypocrites you are(not all, but most of you)? i havent been on this thread for over 1 year, and when i come back to read it.. i've realized something.. i ask a question. "who else sneaks on golf courses"... then all you guys give out your own opinions on how you think i'm wrong.. well hey, i didnt ask for your damn opinion did i??? i specifically asked "Who else sneaks on golf courses".. so...
How about you come to California, choose ANY golf course you like... ANY. And we'll play for $200 a hole..  i'll even give you a stroke on each hole.. il even let you play from the ladies tees.
surprised? that's not surprised.. being surprised is when you come home  early from work and seeing something you dont wanna see at home with the wifey!! that's a surprise!
this is true, yet it must be the same towards irons, drivers, wedges... so why does everyone including 20+ handicappers to get rocketballz, or titleist 712, or taylormade MB....? you can't hide from the fact that everyone wants name brand because they have the most PROFESSIONALS using them..
upgraded from a scotty to this? you must've been using the scotty bullseye putter.
6'3.. i play only 1/2 inch long... and i play a 44.5" driver.. but my irons are 2 - 3 degrees upright.. wedges are 1 degree upright.  
You must have me mistaken for someone else... i would never try to apply at a hacks golf and country club...  
so to answer my original question i guess only 2-3 guys sneak on to golf courses huh? cool.
still available?
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