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I do 3-5 days a week of lifting and I use an app on my phone to keep track of things.  With some sort of cardio at least 3 days a week (i count bikram as a cardio'ish workout)   I also do Bikram and Hatha Yoga (at different studios).     one week I'll lift M-W-F and do yoga T-Tr, the next week I might swim M-W, then lift T-TR then Run a 5k on friday etc...  Then I might do Yoga 3 days and lift 2 etc...     I do core prior to every gym workout.  
iMO the point being that the game has been really damaged by the USGA constantly dropping the ball on equipment.  What should have probably happened a long time ago (like the 40's) is that the pro's should have been given a stock set of clubs and a stock ball to compete with.  The idea that some players can improve their putting by anchoring the club to their body to me just makes no sense and goes against everything that makes competitive golf great.  If hacks want to...
long putters should be banned.  if you have a bad back then that is tough chit, were talking about competition here.  Do basketball players that get old and can't jump get to play on 9 foot baskets?    
Well, I was around scratch for years but I think as far as shaving 2 shots off your handicap goes you should chart out your rounds and identify where the areas for improvement are and then work with someone on how to go about it.  I usually hit a few balls way off line each round so I tried to shave a few strokes by learning a shorter and more compact swing...   If you want to get better quick though any major swing changes will throw you in the opposite direction and...
my .02   - putting wasn't as bad as commentators or tiger will lead you to believe.  I do think he's freezing over the ball before pulling the trigger on some putts and that might be due to rust.  Easy fix.   - driving accuracy over the weekend was the major problem.  His bogeys and worse all came from drives way off line, especially the double-cross variety.  He likes to go after the ball off the tee but I don't think his new swing or soft spikes allows him to...
      hilarious, the next day he claimed that adrenaline and the heat was precisely the cause of him hitting his irons too far.  nice try to misrepresent his quote though.     
tiger was hitting his irons just a little too far, I think this happens to a lot of people when they jump back into competition...I know it happened to me recently.  I think there is just a hint of adrenaline in a competitive situation and you have to adjust to it.  Some of his best shots sailed over the green and put him in some bad spots so all in all a very successful round to say the least.     I'm excited to see what happens the next few days, he was like his...
there are some 240+ par 3's that I play and they were the same length when we were using balatas and persimmon heads.  Now they are just 2 or 3 iron holes for most of us and perhaps 4 iron when they are downwind.    I don't think 260 is even remotely a stretch these days for a downhill par 3 at the pga level. 
yep, thanks for the video.  In addition to being a little more bent over at address..his shoulder plane is a little steeper now and his left arm is almost on exactly the same plane.  It's what we saw at the masters but more refined essentially. 
has anyone noticed how much more bent over he is at address?  I was thinking that he was a little too upright back at the masters for this new swing and it looks like he's corrected that in the clips on golf channel.     
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