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by Michael C. Hepp: link Tiger made his triumphant return to competitive golf, I give my thoughts on his performance.   Please do not comment on this thread. Please comment on the original article. Thank you.   http://thesandtrap.com/b/thrash_talk/grading_tigers_return
by George Promenschenkel: link Tiger displayed his new swing and his lunch at Isleworth
by Tristan Hilton: link The newest version of the SLDR S lacks some of the adjustibility from the previous version, but promises all the distance.
by Jamieson Weiss: link Trying to sort out if the "hot hand theory" applies to golf.
by George Promenschenkel: link Jordan Spieth bests the best down under, the Euros plot continued Ryder Cup dominance, and Tiger is set to return.
by Tristan Hilton: link TaylorMade is once again pushing the limits by taking slot technology from the club's sole to its face.
by Michael C. Hepp: link Tiger is once again wrapped up in a war of words with a golf writer. I explore how Tiger can better handle this feud by making some changes to his support team.
by George Promenschenkel: link Rory's back, Tiger gets a new coach, and the Dufners have a pretty good life.
by George Promenschenkel: link The Race to Dubai ends in Turkey, why you shouldn't buy a golf course with Justin Timberlake, and more.
by George Promenschenkel: link Bishop fallout, flyer lies and landings, and what is happening to all the trees?
New Posts  All Forums: