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I always, without fail, pick my target then line my club face square to the target. Once im happy that it is definatly pointing at the target i put both of my feet together so that i can see a clearly that they are square to my club, which in turn is pointing to my target, then i open them out. This stops me from aiming my feet/shoulders/hips in the wrong direction. With closed feet its easier to see a line of where your feet are in relation to the club head.   Also,...
Thanks for clearing that up. I did in fact drop the ball about 3ft behind the bunker in line with the ball and the flag so a 1 stroke penalty was the justified penalty it looks like.  
Last Friday i played in a society day at a course i hadn't played before. I was playing pretty well and was looking to just play to my handicap.   On the 18th hole im looking to make par and i've played to my handicap. Its not a hard hole, relativley short, dogleg to the right. The person im playing with (who is a member at this course) say's that as long as i keep the ball in play off the tee i should be good. I hit my drive, in play.. perfect. I play my second shot...
My PW is 46 and then i have 3 Vokeys of 52, 54, 58... the only reason i have a 58 over a 60 (as the 60 is the next logical loft gap) is because its older and alot lighter so i prefer it out of bunkers and feel more comfortable opening the face. In all fairness, its very rare i'd even attempt a full shot with the 58 because i'd rather not take my nose off. I much prefer hitting a half shot with a 52 or 54 than a full shot with a 58. More comfortable controling distance...
I take it off after every shot then put it back on before taking my next one. Only time i dont wear a glove when making a stroke is putting.
I wouldnt say it dictates it.. i.e "the ball is travelling 15 yards less than over in the states so we'll make it shorter".   That being said, there is a European Tour event that is so high above sea level the ball can travel anywhere to 20-40 yards further in benign conditions.   Driving par 4's and flicking wedges into par 5's.
Suffered a grade 2 Medial Collatral ligament tear to my left leg and an ACL tear to my right. After the injuries i couldnt play football (soccer) anymore so decided to give golf a try. Bought some dunlop irons and went from there...
People who shout "BITE!!" when they thin a shot accross the green and its got no hope of stopping.
  But when you can hit a wedge 160 with a 40 yard hook out of the pine and round some trees your on to a winner!    
This may have been posted before, i dont know, but i think it deserves to be seen if it hasn't.   A friend showed me this and i was gobsmacked...  What an inspirational person.   Currently playing off 3. There are a few vids of him playing the Dunhill Links aswell.    
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