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Well hell, maybe it is your clubface after all. Appears to be wide open here just before impact.
Obviously not, Hank Haney had yips with the driver for years and he's made a pretty good go of it
I see why your slicing the ball.  Look at your downswing pic.  The club is ridiculously steep!!  The angle of the shaft should be much flatter, closer to inline with your forearm (if your arms were in a good position)  I cant tell for 100% just from pictures but judging from the torque on the shaft in your backswing pic it looks like your getting ready to come over the top.   Its not your clubface.  You can square your wrist and "rev the motorcycle" all you want but until...
 cant complain about getting your balls fluffed
I don't think you are interpreting this data correctly... This is average strokes to hole out data, not average dispersion. The difference between 160 and 200 yards to hole out is .21 strokes....ON JUST ONE HOLE! Play that way an entire round, 14 driving holes and you've lost 3 strokes! (2.94). Not a way for a tour pro to make a living giving 12 strokes to the field over a four day tournament
Here is average strokes to hole out from fairway for tour pros.  This is shotlink data from Every Shot Counts.   You can see having 140 in they are averaging more birdies that bogies... >180 and they are starting to loose strokes to par    100 - 2.8 120 - 2.85 140 - 2.91 160 - 2.98 180 - 3.08 200 - 3.19 240 - 3.32 260 - 3.58
If they are near scratch and they are loosing strokes off their drives, the answer is not to lay off driver.  The answer is to go figure out driver!  By far the biggest advantage pros have over amateurs is length off the tee.  Think I'm wrong?   Go try try to play a course at 7200 yards hitting it 250 off the tee...if the thought of that doesnt make you cringe, it should!   Besides...hitting 3 wood isnt automatic fairway either.  So if he misses there, then he is still in...
Read the book "Every Shot Counts" it takes shot link data from the pros and uses the principal of "strokes gained" and applies it to driving, approach shots, scrambling, ect.   This book literally blew my mind with what it discovered.   I assessed my weakness and dropped 3 stroked in a month by adjusting my focus of practice and course management.  Spoiler Alert:  Its not all about putting.....
Hey, do you think you guys will be offering anything like this again sometime?
So....you guys still think Sean Foley doesnt know what he's doing?       
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