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Hey Hunter,   My name is Ian Black, I am 22 and I am a fellow Utahn, I live out in Herriman, but work in Sandy.  I got bit my the golf bug this spring and bought new clubs and everything, I love this game!  I am always looking for someone to play with as well, I don't really have to many people around me that golf.  What courses do you usualy play?
http://www.ohurleyrange.com/   Sorry, I don't know if this video has been posted, but my co-worker just sent this to me. Awesome!
Hey Wes,   How are you doing,? I am right out of Herriman, Utah. I am also 21 years old and work in Sandy.  That's so awesome that your uncle is a PGA pro, very jealous of the free golf. haha. .  I am actually just getting into golf heavily this year too and I am VERY excited.  I usually just play by myself at Local courses around here, like Glenmoor and Riverbend, and Muligans.  What course do you usually play?
I just purchased a complete set of new clubs (15 of them) and a Ogio bag (used once) all for the cost of $600.00.  I am very excited about this purchase.  They aren't name brand clubs but when I ordered them they fit the clubs to my exact specifications, also with the grips, shafts, and heads that I chose.  For now, I am considered a weekend worrior wanting to improve my game on these clubs then eventually down the road get a more advanced set.  They are clone clubs that...
New Posts  All Forums: