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Have fun guys!  wish I could be there :D
Erik   Percentage of time practicing?  20% practice time for tap in's?  That's not what I am saying.  There is a chart I found a few years back.  You can see it in this blog post I did here:  http://golfing-guru.com/?p=33.   Essentially it profiled golfers at various skill levels and outlined what their relative strengths/deficiencies are.     For example:  An average score of 85 typically meant a golfer will have hit 5 greens in regulation, hit 46% of fairways,...
For me I did some math to prove to myself that I need to focus on certain areas.  I even wrote briefly about it on my blog but that is a different story.   Suffice it to say a bogey golfer (Which I tend to gravitate)  I loose it with my approach shot to short game.  The math proves it too.  Almost 69% of a golf round consists of approach shots, chips/pitches and putts.  If that isn't a strong indicator of where to focus your attentions I don't know what is.   Putts...
Thanks @Golfingdad Been itching to play again after leaving GK :D  I need competition.  Playing with myself sucks after a while.  Wait that didn't sound quite right, but you know what I mean.  LOL
I honestly wish I could be going :D
Old set of Ping Eye 2s $25/club (2-pw) $225 Driver $75 (new-to-me) 3-Wood $75 (new-to-me) hybrid (strong3) $65 (new-to-me)   60 Wedge free Sand wedge $125 (new)   total set $565   If you throw in the new shafts .....  $180 for a grand total of USD$745 over 30+ years of golfing LOL.   I swear I spent more on golf balls than I ever had on golf clubs LOL
I want to enter!!!!  Can I please?
Three things I have learned about playing golf all these years.   Never trust old guys, junior golfers, or other golfers that say they are only a 10 Handicap.     They do know how to score every single one of them blessed.  
I have a read a few posts and I guess I follow along most folks reasoning -- they hit a wall and they need to improve beyond the capability they currently have.   I have a golf pro I use from time to time to help me along.  Mostly though I am thankful I have a golf pro that has given me tools to fix most of my issues.   He kept it simple.  So if all else fails I have a reset button on my swing and it all starts with the set-up.  I get the set-up right then everything...
Don't do it!  You're no expert and what if the advice no matter how good doesn't work for the fellow/fellow-rina.     Just keep it to yourself even if it busts you up!!!   Now if you're trying to give them a hand so they speed up play... well.... give it a try but your mileage will vary.  
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