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I have always viewed pace of play issues like a traffic jam.  Put too many cars on the highway or in the case of golf, golfers, just one slowdown anywhere on the golf course will cause a systemic shut down of the golf course.    A lot of it can be attributed to the golf course that tends to stick too many tee times close together so that groups are not spaced evenly apart to promote faster play.  But ultimately it's the golfer and their attitude.    In other words, we...
I find it odd that currently a majority (albeit slight) would actually play golf with someone that flashes their gun.  Loaded or unloaded it makes no difference.  You always assume it's loaded for safety.    The thing I find odd though is that if the situation were the same but at a different location, say a shopping mall, would you think the same thing?  How could you feel safe with a total stranger that flashes their gun at a golf course or someplace else?  My point is...
OMG you guys took photos of me?!  LOL how embarrassing especially after the first bloody hole.    Great meeting you guys.  Hoping the SWAG was worth the price of admission or better still a parting gift for the teams not so fortunate to win :D   Looking forward to your next outing. 
Still play with Ping Eye2s.  I did reshaft them.  Mileage will vary but you could try a newer set of pings just to compare feel to your old clubs. 
So then it's OK to carry a handgun so long as I don't ask and you don't tell? 
And now the ribbing starts LOL... wow what do you guys for an encore?  I just don't want to look bad golfing LOL... you know make contact with the ball and by some happy circumstance the ball actually does more forward :D
One thing to mention.  As you may or may not know, I work for Greenskeeper.org, the golf course review site.  Not a plug but I spoke with Tristan and he OK'ed it so just a single mention here and I am done with it.    Greenskeeper.org will provide S.W.A.G (Stuff We All Get) at this event.    I have GK towels Ball markers Tees Bag Tags.  Shoe Bags.   Just wanted to shower you guys with some GK love.  Cause getting stuff for FREE is still better than paying for it. 
Red it is then.  ;)   Yes what are the tee times so I can make the proper arrangements for a sitter :D
Doh!... meant 14 :D    I only carry 12 anyways LOL so I am already at a disadvantage LOL.   Sure it's all about the individual but since I don't know this stranger... better he not tell me he is packing.  It is a concealed weapon after all.    I find it funny though if you holster your weapon and it easily seen, does that make you unapproachable?  Hmmm.  Perhaps that is a good thing LOL  Talkative golfers will leave you alone LOL. 
Shouldn't the goal really be repeatability?  I mean golf swings do change over time.  Your body gets older.  In my case you gain wait (LOL).  So your swing will change.  I have always looked for a swing that could be repeated tired or fresh, day in and day out.    Then it was always set up focus.  Always ensuring I had a proper routine/set up to promote that consistency.  The one thing I have learned from tinkering with my swing though is that things I take for granted...
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