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I'll buy it for $80 if you still have it?
I hate to be that guy... but you have to give the Titleist Spin-Milled Vokeys a try. Just a suggestion.
The standard Studio silver head cover runs about $25 dollars on ebay. If you are looking for an authentic scotty cameron aftermarket head cover you need to be prepared to pay for the branding.
Drivers: TaylorMade Superfast 2.0 or Titleist 910 D2   Scratch Golfer   I use my driver quite a bit, I like to be big off the tee.   The Burner 2.0 was 299.99 in its day, and the titleist was 399.99   I switch between drivers depending on the distance of the course. If the course is fairly long and straight I play the TaylorMade if it is shorter or has a lot of twists and turns I feel like I have a slight bit more control with the Titleist. I love these...
Man, I mean its not all about looks. If you can admit to yourself that you hit the AP1s better then go for the AP1s dont kid yourself with looks. As well for me it would be hard to compare a Titleist iron to anything else, but thats just me.
I do not remember my first eagle, unfortunately it was a few years back and I do not remember it. I do, although, have a story of the eagle that is the most special to me.   To start out the story, it needs to be known that my father who was formerly an avid golfer had a stroke which paralyzed him on the right side of his body. He had golfed with me as I grew up but never got to see me play at the level I am lucky enough to play at now.    My father was invited...
I thought that this was hilarious, just saying.   About the clubs, I mean all of us here on SandTrap are going to have opinions on what we are going to hit, if you really are looking for probably the most forgiving set for someone who knows next to nothing about golf... go with the Pings but otherwise I feel like just go with your gut feeling and buy the one that you hit the best, don't buy it because it costs the most.  
Nice Light Blue or White J. Lindeberg Belt   White Adidas Clima Cool Shorts White FootJoy Icon Shoes Titleist Tour Style Visor (Shirt Color Can Vary - Definitely Adidas Shirts Though)
Well, as anyone would say, it's not the club.. it's the player. Therefore the player should probably choose the club he/she feels the most comfortable hitting. Wether for you its a Titleist MB or a Mizuno MP thats all you.    Basically you, my friend, are looking at the two top of the line sets of muscle backs, they are around the same cost.    Personally, I play Titleist CB Irons, I absolutely adore them... the thing is though, before I purchased clubs I went to...
It would be much more helpful if you had the link to the used putter, or had atleast a price or specific model. To be honest it might be more worth your while if you must have a scotty, to just buy a new one. Scotty cameron customization isn't cheap and a used putter is only going to need more done to it to make it look new.
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