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Interesting. I hit it straighter more consistently when I tee it lower. I must have this issue. "Tee it high and let if fly" doesn't really work for me. 
Between the 2, NFL is preferable, although I'm not a devoted fan and sometimes the excitement level is pretty low. I'll follow my favourite team (Buffalo Bills) and watch if there is an interesting match up between 2 good teams. As for the NBA, it was pretty cool when the Raptors were in the playoffs last year and I did watch a few of their games, but generally I find the NBA a tad on the boring side until they get to the last few minutes of the game.
G30 driver - had a chance to demo one for a round and really liked it; G30 18 degree 5 wood that I can loft down to a 4 wood as well; Taylor Made counter balanced Spider mallet; 1 dozen Srixon tour balls for my son;   Actually that's been over my last few trips to Golf Town. All done........for now
I believe it's about the grooves on the wedge. I read that the Z grooves had 10% more volume than the Y grooves.  Check this out:   http://golf.about.com/od/equipmentreviews/ss/equip_030608a_5.htm
Rory - what a shot!! 
Phil!! That was HUGE!!!
Phil the Thrill. WOW. This is amazing
Amazing eagle by Rory!! This is absolutely insane -amazing stuff!! 
WOW!! Rickie drains a long one. Very cool
That may be the Chianti talking
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