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No I wouldn't. My driver is legal, and works just fine when I swing it properly......
Titleist 915H 24 degree hybrid at Golf Town
January '15 issue of Golf Digest does a direct comparison of their numbers at 24 years of age. So Rory from 2014 and Tiger from 2000. Tiger and Rory were both ranked number 1 in scoring average (Tiger was a full shot better though), birdie average and majors won (Woods had 3 to McIlroy's 2).   Rory does drive the ball further but Woods was #1 in total driving. Both phenomenal but the stats show that while he had an amazing year, Rory is not where Tiger was at the same...
I did try one of the Cleveland chippers this year - 8 iron loft I believe. It was ok but I didn't get any better results with it - maybe it was expectations that it would be a magic solution or something. Anyway, I started working on using my 8 & 9 iron for chipping around the green and it seems to work out just as well. Agree with some earlier posts about using a hybrid around the green - need to practice with the hybrid to get the distance control right but I find it a...
Just picked up a Titleist H15 hybrid and some Velocity balls that were on sale.
Still searching. Have had a few close calls on a  short par 3 on a course I play quite a bit and once on a short par 5 that I was on in 2. That in itself was a minor miracle, never repeated, then I missed a makeable putt    Maybe next year........
We do an annual event we call the Advil Open - there is a golf property in the area with 3 great courses and we play all 3. One is links style, one is parkland and one is what they call a Carolina style course. So, start at 7 am and finish about 12 hours later. It's crazy, awesome, painful and incredibly fun all at the same time. And to be honest, once a year is enough 
Watching the game and if game 1 was any indication, this will be a great series!! For me, if the Jays aren't in it I'll go with the Orioles. Who's your pick from the American League and why? Play Ball!!!!!!!
Did the same thing. Ditched the 15 degree 3 wood and put an 18 degree 5 wood in as my fairway. Easier to hit consistently and I don't think there's much of a difference in terms of distance. 
Was looking at booking a tee time tomorrow morning. Forecast is 3 degrees at 8 am, or about 37 degrees F. Haven't played for a couple weeks, but looks like cold gear season is here.
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