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a dozen Titleist Velocity balls and a pair of pants.  
I have the same dilemma - tough decision. Hybrid is versatile, but my miss with that club is usually a hook when rhythm is poor, which creates lots of problems. 4 iron isn't as long or as versatile, but usually pretty reliable and misses are not as bad as with the hybrid. I switch around between the 2 clubs, but play the hybrid more often - just try and put a smooth swing on it. Overall, more versatile and better distance with a decent swing. 
No I wouldn't. My driver is legal, and works just fine when I swing it properly......
Titleist 915H 24 degree hybrid at Golf Town
January '15 issue of Golf Digest does a direct comparison of their numbers at 24 years of age. So Rory from 2014 and Tiger from 2000. Tiger and Rory were both ranked number 1 in scoring average (Tiger was a full shot better though), birdie average and majors won (Woods had 3 to McIlroy's 2).   Rory does drive the ball further but Woods was #1 in total driving. Both phenomenal but the stats show that while he had an amazing year, Rory is not where Tiger was at the same...
I did try one of the Cleveland chippers this year - 8 iron loft I believe. It was ok but I didn't get any better results with it - maybe it was expectations that it would be a magic solution or something. Anyway, I started working on using my 8 & 9 iron for chipping around the green and it seems to work out just as well. Agree with some earlier posts about using a hybrid around the green - need to practice with the hybrid to get the distance control right but I find it a...
Just picked up a Titleist H15 hybrid and some Velocity balls that were on sale.
Still searching. Have had a few close calls on a  short par 3 on a course I play quite a bit and once on a short par 5 that I was on in 2. That in itself was a minor miracle, never repeated, then I missed a makeable putt    Maybe next year........
We do an annual event we call the Advil Open - there is a golf property in the area with 3 great courses and we play all 3. One is links style, one is parkland and one is what they call a Carolina style course. So, start at 7 am and finish about 12 hours later. It's crazy, awesome, painful and incredibly fun all at the same time. And to be honest, once a year is enough 
Watching the game and if game 1 was any indication, this will be a great series!! For me, if the Jays aren't in it I'll go with the Orioles. Who's your pick from the American League and why? Play Ball!!!!!!!
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