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Big payday. Pretty sure everyone in the family would agree as well.
I'm pretty sure it's 4. I can remember taking 3 penalty strokes quite a few times, but I do recall one round where I dunked a few in a row but I don't recall exactly how many it added up to. Hell, maybe 5. 
True but his reaction was perfect. Laugh it off and move on. Golf is hard.
Sounds more like an insane asylum than a country club. 
I have 2 at the moment, a SC Newport 2 that I've had for 3 years and a TM Spider counter balanced, a mid sized mallet that I just put in the bag a couple months ago. I've been through a lot of different putters over the last few years. 
23 degree hybrid & 8 iron for me. 
Interesting. I hit it straighter more consistently when I tee it lower. I must have this issue. "Tee it high and let if fly" doesn't really work for me. 
Between the 2, NFL is preferable, although I'm not a devoted fan and sometimes the excitement level is pretty low. I'll follow my favourite team (Buffalo Bills) and watch if there is an interesting match up between 2 good teams. As for the NBA, it was pretty cool when the Raptors were in the playoffs last year and I did watch a few of their games, but generally I find the NBA a tad on the boring side until they get to the last few minutes of the game.
G30 driver - had a chance to demo one for a round and really liked it; G30 18 degree 5 wood that I can loft down to a 4 wood as well; Taylor Made counter balanced Spider mallet; 1 dozen Srixon tour balls for my son;   Actually that's been over my last few trips to Golf Town. All done........for now
I believe it's about the grooves on the wedge. I read that the Z grooves had 10% more volume than the Y grooves.  Check this out:   http://golf.about.com/od/equipmentreviews/ss/equip_030608a_5.htm
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