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Just picked up a Titleist H15 hybrid and some Velocity balls that were on sale.
Still searching. Have had a few close calls on a  short par 3 on a course I play quite a bit and once on a short par 5 that I was on in 2. That in itself was a minor miracle, never repeated, then I missed a makeable putt    Maybe next year........
We do an annual event we call the Advil Open - there is a golf property in the area with 3 great courses and we play all 3. One is links style, one is parkland and one is what they call a Carolina style course. So, start at 7 am and finish about 12 hours later. It's crazy, awesome, painful and incredibly fun all at the same time. And to be honest, once a year is enough 
Watching the game and if game 1 was any indication, this will be a great series!! For me, if the Jays aren't in it I'll go with the Orioles. Who's your pick from the American League and why? Play Ball!!!!!!!
Did the same thing. Ditched the 15 degree 3 wood and put an 18 degree 5 wood in as my fairway. Easier to hit consistently and I don't think there's much of a difference in terms of distance. 
Was looking at booking a tee time tomorrow morning. Forecast is 3 degrees at 8 am, or about 37 degrees F. Haven't played for a couple weeks, but looks like cold gear season is here.
Obviously there are a lot of variables, but you have to keep up with the group in front of you - I hate being backed up and seeing the offending group with hole(s) open in front of them . Most rounds I play will be between 4 and 4.5 hours depending on how busy things are. Have played in less time when conditions are right, but a round of golf shouldn't take longer than 4.5. Most courses I play are 8 minutes between tee times with rounds of 4 hours. I don't understand guys...
Just kept mine at the 10.5 degree setting, but it'll adjust either .6 or 1 degree up or down. I'll experiment with it a bit next year at 11.5.
I voted no. Phil had to realize that his comments would come across as highly critical of Watson and his approach. I appreciate that may be how he felt, but it wasn't the right time or place. 
Alternate shot might be an interesting format for a PGA Tour event - random pairings as well. Could be an interesting week if they ran an event under that format. It'd be fun to watch.
New Posts  All Forums: