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If you aced a par 4, that's a double eagle or albatross. 
OK, I surrender Looks like this works for you, congrats and keep on swingin' 
OK, post it up when you've done the editing. If that swing works for you, awesome , but you have to admit that there aren't any decent players using that approach. If it helps if you have a physical limitation, or something like that then go for it. But otherwise, I can't see golfers going about the golf swing this way.
 The video is unavailable when I went to play it. What's that about?
Did you put your left foot in, your left foot out, your left foot in and shake it all about? That ought to work too
I'll say Al Geiberger as well because he was the first. 
Last fall I changed my driver to a G25, and hit maybe 20 - 25 balls. Swing speed was  usually around 95, +/- a couple,  on a normal swing with good contact. 
Seems like it. Too bad.
Not a fan of the idea. Why not just pick it up after 2 or at most 3 putts and move on as a couple of others have suggested. Another poster suggested tee if forward as the best idea for newer golfers - agree with that. 
Here goes:   Tiger Woods Dustin Johnson Jason Day Sergio Garcia Matteo Manassero
New Posts  All Forums: