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Not a fan of the idea. Why not just pick it up after 2 or at most 3 putts and move on as a couple of others have suggested. Another poster suggested tee if forward as the best idea for newer golfers - agree with that. 
Here goes:   Tiger Woods Dustin Johnson Jason Day Sergio Garcia Matteo Manassero
I voted yes, as I have to believe he will win a 15th major. I think it will be tough for him to beat Jack's record now though - the fields are too deep and too many good young players who don't fear him like they did in the past.  
I just did the same thing - the next 2 weeks don't get any better. Normally golf in March is possible, but April for certain. This year, not so sure. It will have to change in a hurry if there is going to be any chance of golf before the middle of April, if then.
front right pocket - quarter to mark on greens, divot repair tool, couple tees and that's about it. 
generally just the guys that seem like miserable types - I'd agree with Rory Sabbatini - when they've got the best job going!!! 
It looks like Tiger's drive just hit a guy right in the head!! Holy mackerel, that looked like it hurt!!!
It's always exciting when Tiger's in the hunt on Sunday. Going to be fun to watch today. Anybody else out there wonder how Kuchar picks his colour combinations? The yellow hat is an interesting choice
one in particular sticks out - really ugly shots + some really good luck = birdie.........short par 4 on a course I play a lot.  Hole is maybe 320 at most.  There are woods and water left off the tee and water all down the left side. Not a hard hole really - as long as you don't go left. Anyway, hit my tee shot - hit it hard but really low. Hit the water left, but skipped out, and into the rough. Maybe 150 left to go - miss the green to the right and land on a hill with a...
I say yes. Picked Phil to win it this year in the 2014 Major's Prediction thread
New Posts  All Forums: