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I voted no. Phil had to realize that his comments would come across as highly critical of Watson and his approach. I appreciate that may be how he felt, but it wasn't the right time or place. 
Alternate shot might be an interesting format for a PGA Tour event - random pairings as well. Could be an interesting week if they ran an event under that format. It'd be fun to watch.
Summer officially ends tonight. Let's hope we have a long, warmish fall before the  arrives!
They don't call it the No Fun League for nothing 
I'm currently playing the Penta TP3. Bought quite a few last year on sale - buy 2 dozen and get a 3rd dozen free. Pretty good deal on what I think it a very good golf ball 3 piece ball with urethane cover. Good all around ball for both distance and short game.  
Big payday. Pretty sure everyone in the family would agree as well.
I'm pretty sure it's 4. I can remember taking 3 penalty strokes quite a few times, but I do recall one round where I dunked a few in a row but I don't recall exactly how many it added up to. Hell, maybe 5. 
True but his reaction was perfect. Laugh it off and move on. Golf is hard.
Sounds more like an insane asylum than a country club. 
I have 2 at the moment, a SC Newport 2 that I've had for 3 years and a TM Spider counter balanced, a mid sized mallet that I just put in the bag a couple months ago. I've been through a lot of different putters over the last few years. 
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