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Thank you both for the advice and links. I did notice my backswing was more flat that anything and worked on that today and saw a difference. I also noticed my takeaway was to far inside and fixed it also. Grip is something I have been making myself concentrate on more so I need to keep focusing on that. Thanks again!
Hi all,   I haven't posted a swing in a while, I went out and shot 85 yesterday with this swing. I get no power (which you will obviously see) but I'm going straight consistently and chipping/putting helped me get to that 85. I figured it was time to look at the swing again...     Thanks in advance!
I know this is an old thread but my swing speed is about the same. What ball do you use?
The last video isn't good, here is a better version  
I have an updated video, I've been doing the contact drill and also focused a little more on my knee flex. It looks to me a little better but I'm not the judge of that obviously....   I made sure to have the grip more in the fingers, but still don't hinge the club and I have no idea why.  
  I was able to replicate this drill pretty well on the driving range today. I took my 7 iron and I would do this drill and basically hit it almost 150 with just a half swing. I could feel my club making contact with the ball first (on the mat so wasn't able to judge by the divot) and the ball had that low piercing trajectory.  My problem than was trying to replicate this with even just half swings and I couldn't do it. What should I concentrate on (or any drills to...
Thanks for the info and the drills. I'll work on that, I actually hit closer to 90 but I still feel so far away from being consistent (which you can obviously tell on my swing) so starting fresh with drills like these most likely is the best way to break down my swing. Thanks!
I actually found your video about the importance of hips in golf swing and you point out how the right foot should be putting pressure into the ground while the left knee flexes, i'll make sure to keep that in mind as well.    Regarding the grip, I know I squeeze the club to hard sometimes, especially because I was messing around with the double overlap grip one time and it feels like I'm barely holding the club and it felt like I was able to get more wrist cock...
Thanks for the info mvmac. About the more flex in my left knee, I feel when I do that I start to reverse pivot a little. Is there something I should be conscious about when doing this so I'm not putting my weight more on my left leg when bending it more (maybe a little more bend on my right knee to, what I try to do with my right knee is keep it on the inside of my fight foot so it doesn't twist during my turn).   Thanks again!
    I've been Playing Golf for:​ 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 90-95 My typical ball flight is: high and inconsistent The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: hooks     Videos:   I know right off the bat my wrist hinge is poor so any and all tips on the complete swing will help, thanks in advance!
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