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    My comment was aimed toward those suggesting to add weight to the head of a normal putter to "wean" off the heavy putter. Like you said.  The reason why a heavy putter works is because its balanced by the weight in the shaft.  Yet you suggest to people to add a bunch of weight to the head of a normal putter, so it will be far out of balance and a poor tool for training/performing a proper stroke.  I'm guessing that could cause a lot of three putts on the golf course,...
I hope everyone knows that with the Heavy Putter, the weight is under the grip, not in the head. 
  Six packs are also largely genetics and not necessary for good health.  The best way to use more calories than you eat is to exercise.  Just eat healthful foods and exercise, its so simple. 
What do you weigh, 115lbs?  
Why cant you up the weight? Place a weight on your chest and sit up? Besides this is largely irrelevant to the topic at hand.    
No! Couldnt be further from the truth.  I dont know where some people get this idea.  Gotta be the corn/sugar growers that spread this lie and consumers buy it because it benefits them.   Quote:
Interesting.  I actually place the ball on the tee first, then place the combo into the ground.    
All I hear is wah wah wah Im a whiny golf snob.    
Hold on, the whambulance is on its way.  Seriously lighten up. 
  So it is your opinion that 20+ year old "cheaper stuff" feels like it should be thrown away.  Noted.  Thank you.   BTW I wonder if everyone is aware that there are more than just name brand clubs, or counterfeit clubs. Its not so black and white. There are lesser known brands or "generic" clubs as well that are completely legitimate.
New Posts  All Forums: