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So I was going to post a new video of my swing but I actually don't want to mess with it or see it. In hitting the ball well and I am completely focused on my wedges, chipping and putting. I will hit the range for long irons and woods 1x per week to keep a level of comfort but 80-90 percent of practice will be at the local par 3 and putting green. I have drills I am doing and stats I am tracking. In commited to see if this will push my game to the next level. Wedges I...
Tomorrow I am going to have a new video of my swing up. To be honest, I will keep working on it but in truth I realized my next step (which should have been the first), is dedicating myself to putting and wedges. I just picked up two new wedges to fill some distance gaps and i am going to join a local par 3 course. My short game is t bad, but it is not where it needs to be. Every tour pro says they need to work on the their 100 yds and in. They don't say "I need to hit the...
Played a par 3 course tonight. This will be my new stomping ground. This will be where my short game gets tight. Thank you for the advice on having the club laid off. I'm going to record my swing this weekend to see what positions I am in. Your advice was exactly the stuff I was hoping would pop up here. Thanks for helping.
So I have hit a lot of buckets w my rounded swing which I'm sure looks like it is laid off at the top. It also has cured the shanks and simplified things. I will check that top position as you mentioned and I will take video of the new swing. I have been very very focused on short game lately and hitting short irons at targets.
Billy ho to win us open. I've been practicing a ton. My stats showed me my scrambling and putting has been trash. Not acceptsble
Went to the range today. There is a little practice green there. My practices are going to change. I will be hitting the practice green first w an entire large bucket . Then I will hit almost the entire bucket with wedges while targeting little greens. I will hit maybe 20 percent long irons and drives. I want my putting and up/down stats to be really good and it should show on stattracker
Played 3 rnds this weekend. Lots of good holes but I still need to shake off the high holes. I find that I can usually minimize them by July each year. My short game and touch is usually back at that point from the winter. I was wondering if anyone reading this is a fairly average distance hitter that plays less than a 5 handicap. If so I would be curious to know how you see different shots and where you find you score the best. Also - I'm going to be using...
Btw - my rounded swing heavily promotes a draw. I play for it. I have tried over and over to manipulate the club to a steeper outside the plane takeaway and my consistency would struggle. I like the idea of Matt kuchars coach keeping him as close to the plane as possible te entire swing. My more rounded swing is to the inside on the take away. I don't care as long as I swing to the right on the downswing. I naturally make a move to the inside on the way down. As long as...
Interesting. I will note that. I went to the range today and felt real good. I'm trying to work on distance control with my pitching wedge. Now that I can hit it about 140-145 I need to e able to feel out that 120-135 range. Focusing on the entire torso turn has been so important. If I get armsy its over. Tomorrow I will hit a lot of putts and chips. I have a match with one of my buddies this weekend.
Ohhh. You mean my hips are swaying. I thought you were saying my lead leg was moving to far towards the target. Sometimes when I get sloppy my hips do make a lateral move. I've recently widened my stance which was more of a concern to me for that off balance situation I saw in the video. It has stopped the sway and retained better balance.
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