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Could you guys show some images of "laid off" at the top?
how many yards left is this "draw"?  If your draw is small I would play for it.   I'm not trying to be an ******* but some people think a 15 yard swing is still a draw, and if you want to get rid of it I feel like it's a big move in the air.   For me if my ball starts on target and ends more left than I wanted it means I closed the clubface too early, causing a bit too much spin and right to left movement.
I agree with MDL this is your opinion, not fact. I too use a 60 degree wedge and I rarely mis-hit it and use it often. I am not a great player or an instructor, and I have also heard that they are hard to hit.  For me that is NOT the case    
What really cured my slice a few years ago is what some others have said already......hit the inside of the ball.   I also would encourage you to video tape your swing....I did not think it was coming over the top until I saw a video. It's the only way you can be sure. In the video you can trace your club path.
Exactly, thank you..... All I was trying to get accross is that there are certainties in the club face and club path.   How they get to these positions may be a mystery, but the position is what it is to create the flight of the ball.   Chris      
    You absolutely can say where the swing is going. It is in to out with an open club face....those are the ball-flight laws.
Yea definitely lol!, but I only know of 1 course near me that is that short    
I think you need to be much more descriptive to get any help.   What is the ball flight you're getting? and what is the ball flight you're looking for?        
My question to you is regarding distance: What distance are you missing in your bag?   If you driver goes 250 (example) what is the distance of the 3 hybrid? You may not be missing anything, but my guess is a 3 wood.
I would also concentrate on BALL FIRST contact and hittig down on the ball.   If you really hit down on the ball it will make a divot.
New Posts  All Forums: