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The picture above right is exactly what I'm doing
Thanks I appreciate the responses
Had my first lesson of the year the other day, it was the first in a couple years as I did not play at all last year. There were a few issues that I have to address, but I was advised to start working on keeping my lead wrist flat at impact and then rotating my hands over. After watching the video of my swing it's apparent that my left wrist is breaking down just after impact (I'm right handed). I have my swing video from my lesson, and I will try to get it up here...
Pair of True Linkswear Vegas. They were incredibly comfortable when I tried them on.
I took a few lessons a couple years ago and really enjoyed them. Then unfortunately I took last year off when life got in the way, but the good news is that I just had a lesson yesterday and plan on continuing with several more this season.
Manny Pacquiao or maybe Georges St. Pierre. I think Clinton would be entertaining or maybe Mike Rowe (dirty jobs) could be pretty funny.   
Yeah that thing is pretty wild.  I cant stop thinking that it looks like he is putting with a VHS tape
Hello and welcome.  Nice to see another Chicagoland golfer on the boards.
Sometimes when I'm at the range I will hit a slump and it's times like these that I wish I had an instructor with me.  It is hard to explain after the fact what I was feeling and how I was hitting the ball.  I think it would be a great resource to have an instructor that could step in when I hit certain errant shots and tell me exactly what is happening within my swing that is creating the issues.  This direct feedback would be great to have so that when it happens in...
I feel like I am at the point where I am fairly comfortable with my swing and ball striking abilities, the only exception being my driver.  I am thinking that I may be to the point where taking my lessons out to the course or range may be more advantageous.     I live in the Chicagoland area and sadly I will probably be shelving my clubs for a few months.  
New Posts  All Forums: