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"If I Win I'll choose the P2 Wrap in red to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!"   Brandt Snedeker -11 Ian Poulter -9 Nick Watney -10
 I'd like to think so, but if I were a betting man... ...I'd put my money on there being enthusiastic celebrations in the Florida panhandle, by Sunday evening of the Masters.
 Pair him with Woosie or Sandy Lyle. Part of the charm of the Masters field. Past champions who don't really stand much chance of troubling the leaderboard, but its fun to seem them turn out to play.
I'm aware there's this perception that if Arnold Palmer hadn't graciously decided to make the trek across the Atlantic in 1960 then golf today might be missing a major - or maybe, perhaps, another US tournament would have been elevated to that status to replace it at some point. Looks like his interest soon caught on, though. I had a look at the field for 1964 - the year Tony Lema won. He beat Nicklaus, Player, Peter Thomson (who'd won the British Open four times before,...
Tiger's (and, by extension, Notah's) difficulty is that, at the start of 2015, there were plenty of news stories about just how good Tiger's game was, with the source of those stories usually being Woods himself.   Example: http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/12236940/tiger-woods-says-driving-ball-far-was-15-years-ago   Then ugly things happened in January and February.   I'm not sure anyone is too interested in hearing about how much better Woods is playing now,...
Sink the bulk of your money into the irons - they're the most important part of your set. If you can hit your irons, you can play golf and enjoy being on the course.   I'd avoid the bigger name brands. With a tight budget, your money will go much further by concentrating on quality, alone, rather than the brands that are the most high-profile.   For the irons, take a good look at Tour Edge. Great clubs, but because they choose to not pay PGA Tour players squillions of...
  Source: http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/mar/14/tiger-woods-to-miss-arnold-palmer-invitational-bay-hill He's trapped in a vicious circle, though, isn't he? A few weeks ago he was understandably embarrassed about playing absolutely wretched golf in full view of the world at a PGA Tour event, and, as some people here commented, "Watching [that] was beyond sad." He then disappeared from the tour to compose himself and improve his game, and yet, unless he can bring a...
 Along with this business of throwing his 3 iron into a pond, didn't he once bend a 9 iron, and during a U.S. Open, too? We're all human and many of us given to anger, and I agree that a couple of incidents doesn't constitute a "string" of "temper moments." I do wonder, though, what the sponsor makes of seeing their product disrespected live on TV during these important tournaments.
I imagine Mr. Olsen has had a letter or a phone call or an email....   But news stories like this remedy the situation far better than litigation:   http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/mar/02/tiger-woods-drugs-suspension-claim-withdrawn
 No idea about the veracity of the source, but is this what you're on about? http://thegame730am.com/pga-golfer-dan-olsen-says-tiger-woods-is-armstrong-of-golf/
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