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 To be honest... Makes the cut in the US Open, but nothing more. Wins the British and/or PGA.
I just saw Rory's interview at the end of his round: it was polite and courteous, and self-referencing (in terms of Rory's first major).   But what he didn't acknowledge was, at the end of the day,  we just saw a changing of the guard. The fact that we just saw Tiger's 1997 record get broken is not without significance. Fair play to Spieth.
 All of whom are already there. There are 19 past winners in this year's field. Seven of them are players who would automatically fall into your "top players of the world" category anyway. Of the other twelve, a few are still playing excellent golf on the Champions' Tour and, well, you never know...I wouldn't have been surprised at all to see the likes of Couples or Langer put together a decent couple of rounds and make the cut. Which leaves you with a very small handful...
God that was cheesy.   Someone needs to film a parody where Rory grows up idolizing Monty instead, and shows up in the final frame as a tubby man in dubious knitwear.
 He's answered all the questions he needed to answer. I think he'll add #15 at St Andrews...but I guess we should save that for another thread.
 I'd prefer to see history being made. I'm guessing Tiger's score in 1997 is still the record? I'm really hoping this young man Spieth can get below -20 and go home with a green jacket...
 Ha, the bookies are a touch nervous. They were happy to take money off punters when backing Tiger for a win was, to say the least, quixotic - and the generous odds encouraged that betting. But now there's just a small worry about being taken to the cleaners. I'd anticipate Tiger's odds to tumble over the next few hours. By the time he tees off he'll be second favourite behind Rory!
 Diddums. It's part of the nature of the game that you can turn up to play and be paired with whomever, whether in competitive play or not. And it's part of the nature of this particular invitational tournament that past champions, long since past their golfing prime, may be in the field. I don't think that whoever is paired with Sandy Lyle or whomever should feel that he has been unjustly put at a disadvantage. Mr. Lyle secured his right to play in the 2015 Masters in 1988.
Interesting. I've been watching Tiger's odds (outright win) at Paddy Power for the 2015 Masters. His odds just shortened a smidgeon, from 50/1 to 45/1. 45/1 is a tempting price for someone who is admittedly a long-shot, but is still a winner of this tournament on four previous occasions and, according to the story in this thread, may now be back in devastating form.   So on that basis, well, time to be brave. Two quid on Tiger to win please...
"If I Win I'll choose the P2 Wrap in red to start my 2015 golf season with a PURE advantage!"   Brandt Snedeker -11 Ian Poulter -9 Nick Watney -10
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