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Thanks, everyone! Lots to think about.
That place sounds great, rusty! But I'm afraid you lost me at "dry". (I grew up Baptist. Nice people, good potlucks, not a lot of fun at parties.)
Thanks, Dave!
Thanks, Big Stoke! Will check them out.
Thanks, treebound. I think shuttles/taxis will be a last resort for us. The post-round socializing and carousing is a big part of our tradition, which is hard to do in a hotel. But at this point, we're considering everything.
So 3 years later, I'm back on the hunt. We had 3 good years at Great River Road Golf Club in Nauvoo, IL. It was a pain to get to and the accommodations are spartan, but the owners were friendly, highly accommodating, and worked with us to recreate our original 30+ years as closely as possible. Alas, they have felt the bite of the economic downturn as so many have and have put the course up for auction.   I'm still looking into the great recommendations here, but I'm...
Fred, I think you've really captured the essence of my quest. :)   We received official word that our 35-year old annual tournament is now no more. So I'm on an even more desperate hunt for the right replacement and have in fact been made the official "relocation manager". A lot of pressure for such a longstanding event.   Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Fred, I'm definitely following up on Nippersink. It looks like my best lead so far. THANKS A TON! You may be...
Thanks very much for the suggestions! I'll look into them right away.   I did find Eagle Ridge, as I'd heard great things, but I think it's going to be a tad on the pricey side for our needs. Haven't ruled it out though.
Hello all.   I'm trying to find a public course with on-site accommodations or at least lodging that is easy walking distance to the course and that is a 2-3 hour drive from Chicago or from Minneapolis. Basically, I'm trying to find something that will accommodate a large-ish group of guys for a weekend and that will require minimum driving other than the drive from the airport to the course.   The handful of courses I've found are all resorts, most of which are...
New Posts  All Forums: