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After going through the bag on the range last weekend:   Driver 260 (ss 100 mph or so) 3 Wood 230 3 Hybrid 210 4 Hybrid 195 5 Iron 185 6 Iron 175 7 Iron 165 8 Iron 155 9 Iron 145 PW 135 GW 125 SW 110
Top priority - Driver swing.  Working on a smooth tempo takeaway that doesn't creep too far inside.  Working on a full backswing with high hands that puts me in a powerful position at the top.  And it the downswing just happens from there (in theory).   Second priority - Pitching.  Working on clean contact and distance control from various types of lies from 30-60 yards out.  Working on turning the body and consistently catching the ball before the turf.   Third...
I agree.  My current driver is 43.5 inches long and I had lead tape added to bring the swingweight up to where I want it.  If you try a shorter driver shaft make sure to experiment with the swingweight to get a feel that you are comfortable with.
    I've been working on the same thing recently with mostly positive results after being pointed to the Golf Evolution "Hitting the Driver" video by someone on these boards:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXuikUmHeEQ.
5 iron
I'm going to start bringing string with me.  Thanks for the idea.
He wasn't sharp on the weekend, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can't eventually get there with the new swing.  He's just not there yet.
Go visit a launch monitor and get fit.  Unlike the marketing campaigns for new golf equipment, the results don't lie.
Forget the brand names and find an independent club fitter in your area to custom fit you for a driver and 3-wood from an off-label brand.  It will save you money on the clubhead that you can allocate to upgrade the shafts.
I voted Yes but admit that if the PGA would have permitted him to ride it would have to draft a detailed standard to apply to claimed disability situations and some kind of panel or arbitrator to deal with the claims.  That wouldn't be pretty.
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