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I am trying this workout that I found on the Men's Health website:   http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/ultimate-medicine-ball-workout
Thought I would comment on this thread, though not sure if I'll be any help. I had been using a golf app on my android phone, but hated the battery life. I couldn't get through a round without battery issues. This season I decided to purchase a Golf GPS, but didn't want to spend a ton. I opted for the Bushnell Neo+. It is pretty much as simple as you can get. Its small. No fees. It has course auto discover as well as auto hole advance. In addition you can add for...
I am running the following this season:    10.5 RBZ Adjustable Regular  Burner Superfast 3W Regular  3 and 4 Rescue Superfast Regular  Burner 2.0 5 - PW Regular  RAC 52, 56, and 60 ​ White Ice #1 34"  DT Solo
Ok, so is this worth grabbing for the 360? I have the Road to the Masters on the Wii, but the Ex has the Wii now:-( I do not have the Kinect.
Welcome. I also am using the various forums to get my golf fix for this time of year...LOL!! Now bring on the warm weather.
I haven't really visited in awhile and figured its been so long I better drop in and say hi again:-) I am usually over on another forum, but wanted to get back here for another try. I am itching to get golfing here in Wisconsin, but the cold weather/snow has been slow to get the $%^# out of dodge...LOL!!
I had been hitting the Bridgestone E6 moving to the Srixion Soft Feel (cost), and not going back to the Titleist DT Solo.
I am going to put my vote for Ben Hogan's Five Lessons. Great book, especially the "on plane" visual.
Add me to the list of folks using the SkyDroid app on my Samsung Mesmerize.  Nice little app.  Beats paying $300 for a Skycaddie.
I'll be keeping an eye on this thread:-)
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