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Looks too fat... I say not him
  I do it sometimes when the break is subtle and I'm looking for confirmation....basically you stand a few feet directly behind your ball. Hold the the putter up in front of your face so that it "hangs freely" and then close one eye. Line the putter shaft and make your ball "disappear".....the off-set of the hole and the shaft is supposed to give you an idea of which direction the putt will break. If both the hole and the ball "disappear", then you have a straight putt.
  That's what I'm talking about!!!!!
Tiger Woods....AWKWARD!!!
FWIW I believe the V2 is quite a bit smaller than the medalist, but functionality is essentially the same....
This may sound like an elementary question, but what happens at a tournament (the PGA this past weekend for example) if play is suspended, a player marks his ball on the green (or anywhere else for that matter) and a huge storm blows through and moves the mark or blows the marker away? Or more specifically, what is done to make sure that the mark isn't moved by an outside agency (ie a Tiger or Rory fan running a covert operation and sneaking onto the course and moving...
The European Darts Championship was on NBCSports (the former "Versus") earlier this summer.....looks like an awesome event to attend! What's not to like about 2,000 rowdy Euros in a beer hall getting wasted cheering for their countrymen?!!
Here's what you need to do: Step 1 - Watch the Olympics for a few hours Step 2 - Watch golf on TV for a few hours Step 3 - Take an Ambien or some other sleep-inducing drug Step 4 - Sleep   The sleeping drug will undoubtedly give you some of the wildest dreams you can imagine - qualifying for the Olympics in less than four / eight years probably being the wildest dream you could possibly come up with.
Eh......well maybe not. It's not uncommon to have a legit serial number on counterfeit clubs. Your best bet is to take the clubs into your local shop and have someone there take a look.
Rangefinder is the best way to go. Absent that, I prefer the 150 pole in the middle of the fairway and sprinkler heads with yardages to front/middle/back.
New Posts  All Forums: