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What's the best way to determine strokes given for a nassau? My buddy and I play an average of 20 matches each year, but neither of us carry an official USGA index...I track mine through yahoo and he uses another online solution. I average between 78-83 and he shoots between 83-90...The amount of strokes I give fluctuates between 5-7, but we don't have a consistent way of figuring it out.    Any suggestions?
Wow - hadn't heard about this one...Charl just went down a few notches in my book. I wonder what Gary Player and the Big Easy would say about this off the record?   Similar situation a few years ago in the US Open for DL3.....he was not in contention but playing in one of the final groups and coverage showed him playing the final hole. DL3 drives in the rough and the ball ends up a yard or two to the right of a sprinkler head. DL3 could have manipulated his stance to...
4 iron is probably in play 2-3 times each round. Either on a long par 3 or 4....I hit it about 200-205....my next option is an adams 3 hybrid which is a reliable 220....the problem lies when I'm in between 210 and 220 and have to decided between stepping on the 4 or feathering the 3h....I usually try to step on the 4 and end up just short - when i lay off the 3h I generally end up pulling it left - not sure why...
One issue with ball flight could be getting the correct shafts in your irons....make sure you address that in your fitting session and find out what options are out there depending on which brand you decide on.
George Dunne is a great track....played 36 there about a month ago. My only gripe is pace of play - forgivable given that its one of the tougher tracks I've played in the area.   If you play south of the city regularly, I highly recommend Odyssey and Ravisloe. Ravisloe is an old private country club, converted to a public track a few years ago. Not much water, but well-bunkered and a strong test.
This past weekend I went to a course that "shares" a driving range with an entertainment facility (batting cages, arcade, etc). I wanted to hit a few balls prior to the 11:00 tee time, and the pro-shop directed us to the range which was about a 5 minute golf cart ride past the first hole. This was a little strange, but no big deal.   So I venture into the shop by the range, and ask for a small bucket. The guy working the register asks if I want to hit off the grass...
I've been plumb-bobbing on the greens for as long as I can remember and it works well for me a majority of the time. While I don't get an exact read of the putt from plumb bobbing, it does confirm the general direction of the putt. More importantly, it is part of my routine on the greens and helps with the confidence.   In any event, I have a buddy who constantly chides my "plumb boobing" (as he calls it) as a waste of time. It's good-natured ribbing and actually...
Here's my 2 cents for what its worth....I always find that when I'm over-swinging it starts with grip pressure - as in I'm literally strangling the club and don't even realize it. Try starting out with lighter pressure on the grip, and focus on keeping a consistent tempo (I usually watch a clip or two of Luke Donald to get a mental picture of perfect, controlled tempo). Hope this helps!
Driver - 270 3-Wood - 245 3 hybrid - 220 4 iron - 200-205 5 iron - 190-195 6 iron - 180-185 7 iron - 170-175 8 iron - 160-165 9 iron - 150-155 P wedge - 130-135 GW - 120 SW - 105 LW - 95
Fear the beard - I like Lucas Glover. Showing strong form as of late, and has proven he can thrive on long courses....won the Open at The Black a few years ago.
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