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Excellent choice - you won't be disappointed!
  I wouldn't think so. I'm sure the different "modes" aren't that different, but I wouldn't mess around with it. The "pinseeker" feature on the Tour V2 is pretty slick - I doubt the hunting version has this type of feature...   Totally respect the diligence being done and looking at every option in terms of purchasing a rangefinder - I did the same thing about 3 months ago. What I found is regardless of how hard you look, it'll be tough to find anything NEW that is...
One is for hunting, the other is for golf.
Must be something in the water down there.....she looks nothing like a 10-year-old.....Maybe 14, but more like 15 or 16 IMO....
  I have the non-slope version which is legal for tournament play. I believe the slope feature is another $100...didn't think it was necessary.
I've got the Bushnell V2 as well....great instrument and would be lost without it!
You can get a custom set built for under $800 on Ebay.....look closely. A friend of mine ordered from a seller on there and his 69s came back flawless right from the factory. Items from sellers "golfmygirl" and "golf-seller" look pretty solid.
  Would argue that Crystal Downs is much tougher to get on than Oakland Hills South. I've played South in an outing.....great track - very difficult. Have not found a way to get on Crystal yet.....I'm heading to Arcadia Bluffs in 2 weeks....maybe I'll go hang in the parking lot at Crystal Downs and see if anyone needs a fourth??!!
1. Stricker (-8) 2. Gmac (-7) 3. Westwood (-7)
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