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Hi Cindy- Just responded with a PM. Watch is still available - happy that your son will get to put it to good use. Thanks.
  ^^^This....they are effectively all the same. Here's an online video review of MP69 vs Titleist MB Forged. Lots of other great video comparisons available from this guy as well.  
  Whoops.....sorry about that! But still, the point stands.....those yardages seem a bit aggressive!!!
  GWs have more loft than PWs....so you hit a GW 145? How far do you hit your PW? 155-160?
  Thanks Erik. To clarify, this would be a two-stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in match play?   In stroke play, if he hits the green with his second shot, he would then be putting for a 5 instead of a 3?
Question to the group....I was playing with a buddy last weekend and he had a blind shot to the green over a mounded bunker. Prior to hitting his shot, he walked to the top of the mound, directly between his ball and the hole, took the rake from the bunker and laid it on top of the mound to use as an aiming point.   Is this a penalty?
Nightmare story.....last spring I flew to Phoenix for my bachelor party and brought my clubs. I had been talking up my new R11 driver to all my buddies and had yet to take it on the course (had hit at the range once or twice). My clubs were transported in a soft travel case that does have a reasonable amount of padding. While we're waiting for our transportation curbside after arriving in AZ, my buddy asks to check out my new weapon....i unzip the case and pull off the...
The largest contributor to slow play that I've seen is when there is a foursome of newbies riding in 2 carts. I can't tell you how many times I've seen both carts go to a ball and watch the first player hit. Then both carts go to the next ball and then watch that player hit....etc. etc.   Tip - All four players should be reasonably close to their ball with club in hand waiting to hit.
  My guess would be that the land required for such a range in an area catering to golfers with more disposable income would make the concept cost prohibitive. Also, Trackman's cost upwards of $15K - $20K each for outdoor versions. I don't think $30/hour would cut it.....
Low round was a +2 73 at Bowes Creek in Elgin, IL.   6412 yards, Par 71, 71.5/138   Kind of a ho-hum 73 which sounds strange to say....nothing flashy, no long putts made - think I had 1 birdie on the day. The key was no penalty strokes, no bunkers (my sand play is horrifying) and no blow-ups. Think I might have had 1 three putt......
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