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I've got a Ping Hoofer 2012 (black) that is great....has less bells and whistles than the new Sun Mountains, but has more of a classic look and is very functional.
Here's some insight on the new utilities......this was on pgatour.com.   http://tourreport.pgatour.com/2012/07/25/els-big-win-for-callaways-x-hybrids/
Ben Curtis won on tour earlier this year with the AP1s in the bag.....just sayin'.....I wouldn't write them off completely. With clubs of this caliber (or any irons for that matter), I highly recommended getting fit for the proper shafts by a reputable club maker that has Trackman. Much different experience than getting "fit" at any of the big box retailers like Dick's, GolfGalaxy or GolfSmith.
I like to roll in 45 minutes to an hour before I tee. Gives me time to stretch for a few minutes and then hit 20-30 balls on the range and then roll some putts. Nothing worse than feeling rushed before a round.....need to achieve zen prior to striking the first ball!
Cleveland released a NEW line of 588 wedges that ARE conforming this year... They brought back the line after a few year hiatus.....
Check EBay and only buy from reputable sellers. Another great option is purchasing used clubs directly from the manufacturer...both TaylorMade and Callaway have excellent used club selections via their websites. You won't have any issue with items purchased directly from the manufacturer.
So this is my first shot at selling something on the forum. I was going to list it on EBay, but figured I'd give Trappers first crack.   For sale is a black Garmin Approach S1 GPS golf watch. I recently purchased a Bushnell laser rangefinder and haven't used the watch since. This unit has been used for approximately 10 rounds and is in perfect working order. Also, I've never worn it as a watch during play (personal preference), just kept it clipped to my bag for easy...
  I have the Bushnell Tour V2....it is excellent. Fits in one hand, reading yardage takes less than a second, etc. Highly recommend. Haven't seen or used the Medalist....although I know it's a two-handed operation and slightly larger. The Tour Z6 is supposed to be pretty slick as well.
Laser.... Super accurate and fast. Also can zap yardage to most things a mapping device would tell you.
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