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A big part of putting is confidence. If you find something that feels good and gives you confidence to make those 8 footers, then put it in the bag! Doesn't matter if it costs $5 or $500....   I have an old Odyssey that I've been using for the last 10 years....I like it, but the next guy might not.
  Precisely! Next we'll be hearing about a goal of trying to hit a 175 yard pitching wedge!   All joking aside - 300 is impressive for a beginning golfer, whether it happened 1 time or 100 times. However, setting goals related to distance is pointless.   We'd love to hear about your 1st par, birdie, eagle, hole-out from a bunker, 50-foot putt, breaking 50 for 9, 100 for 18, etc....these are tangible results that show improvement.
  What's with all the race-bating guy? You mad?   You seem to be spewing vitriol for some deep-seeded reason....I suggest you speak with a therapist to get that worked out.   In terms of the abused-wife simile (that's a comparison using "like" or "as" btw), another low-brow pot shot......
  Didn't miss the point one bit...you think he's an a**hole - message received. My opinion is that he's an idiot, and the issue doesn't warrant any further discussion.   As far as him being my hero, that's a laughable pot shot....
  Your opinion is Fuzzy is an a**hole, my opinion is that it's not worth discussing and is a non-issue. Agree to disagree? I think so....
  And you brought it up on this forum.....thank you for clarifying what my obligations are and are not - you've been quite helpful!
Here are some of my favorites....   Arcadia Bluffs Country Club of North Carolina (Dogwood and Cardinal) 2 of the Pinehurst courses (didn't play #2 unfortunately) Olympia Fields (North Course) Troon North (Scottsdale) - Played both 18s Treetops Resort (Played all the 18s, plus ThreeTops. ThreeTops is ranked the best par 3 course in the country - I'd have to agree!!) The Orchards (Washington, MI) TPC Scottsdale (Stadium Course)
  Well I find it interesting that people still get worked up over something that's obviously not a big deal any longer. I didn't see Fuzzy's recent comments on the front page of the sports section anywhere, and think that bringing it up again is an attempt to fan the flames on a non-issue.
Here's the clip FWIW....  
  Again....who cares? It's not like Fuzzy is the face of the PGA / Champions Tour....if you think he's a bigot, then call him a bigot and be done with it.
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