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Who cares??!!   It was 15 years ago and Fuzzy is known as a wiseguy.....if Lee Trevino would've won he would've said "make sure he doesn't serve [INSERT CHEAP MEXICAN FOOD HERE]".....If a Jewish golfer would've won, he would've said something similar. It was obviously in poor taste and he did apologize for his comments....but I don't think his intent was to be racist - he was just trying to get a laugh like he always /has/continues to do.....
  Wow...the last two-episodes are absolutely scintillating!!! You will not be disappointed....   The final season is setup to be thrilling!!!
    I saw the same thing....looks like he took a few fists to the upper lip!   He is a total weirdo and doesn't seem to know anything about golf. On one shot in particular, he was crying repeatedly for the ball to stop..."that's got to slow down, stop, stop, stop!" The ball ended up 2 inches from the cup and it was obviously tracking nicely the whole way....
There you go!!!
When I was in college there was a "golf club" - basically a student-run organization that got some funding from the university and had severely reduced rates with the local courses (2). Benefits included car-pooling with other kids, meeting other golfers, off-season parties, etc. If there isn't one at your school, look into starting one....
Wait.... So the driver was never even broken????!!!! Bwaaaaahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Was there a clear post on this, or did he just slip it in the middle of one of his diatribes??!!! EPIC FAIL!!!!
Last time I checked, the clock ticks at the same pace for everyone....didn't you learn that in your "AP" classes??!And for anyone on any boat forums, keep your eyes peeled for a poor kid from the Midwest with a passion for canoeing asking for someone to send him a canoe that is less than 7 years old. Upon further questioning you may discover that his old one sank, but he was too lazy to retrieve it from the local swimming hole and fix it himself.....
So much wisdom at such a young age!!! Where was that sage voice of reason when you tried to deceive your way into a new driver?
Now that's a helluva deal! Now, if you're unwilling to tell a "stranger" what state you live in for "safety" purposes, how is it that you're willing to provide a shipping address to a stranger??!!!!
  What did you score on the AP exam?
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