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I'll typically hit a driver on any hole measuring more than 400 yards. The exception would be if there is significant trouble or the potential to hit through a dogleg, etc. At the 5-6 courses I frequent, I average hitting driver 10-12 times per round.
This is a fake site more than likely....registered in China in November 2011. Anything you buy from here will more than likely be a fake...stay far away. Like most members will tell you, if a deal is too good to be true it probably is....
  They'll sell them until they're out of stock...Titleist isn't making/shipping any more of these
  The silence is deafening!!! Granted the pros would never use the same set of irons long enough to create a "brown spot", but you can see the wear pattern on their irons/wedges fairly easily on TV.....most of them resemble a small triangle - nothing near this "dime sized brown spot" the OP is referencing....
Let's see the brown spot!!! (on the irons, not the undies)
Was anybody else just mesmerized with Tiger's green reading on Sunday...especially the long lag putts? I mean double breakers that were cozying right up to the hole time after time after time.....was absolutely stunning!   Haven't read the entire thread, so forgive me if this is a repeat...
1. Sergio Garcia (-8) 2. Ernie Els (-7) 3. Tiger Woods (-6)
Lions baby!!! Forward down the field!!!
The ONLY liberty I'll take is the "breakfast ball" on the first tee IF I haven't had a chance to hit the range. Realize this isn't by the books (and I'll probably get slammed for it), but I probably end up using it once every 6 or 7 rounds if I really shit the bed or hit it OB on the first tee.....if the ball is halfway reasonable I'll play it...
Being the first golfer to win a gold medal since 1904 will be a unique honor, and certainly historic.   Here's my take - if you were to ask guys who haven't won a major "would you rather", I'm guessing 90%+ would rather win a major. However, if you were to ask guys with 1 or multiple majors the same question, my guess is 50%ish would rather have the gold medal than another major.
New Posts  All Forums: