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It ain't the balls fault it does not go straight it's your fault. That said try Bridgestone E6.
There are several used ball sources, google them. All grade the balls. I have purchased "mint" condition from golf ball nut and found them to be as advertised. My only complaint is golf ball nut sends too many email specials. I don't think balls can be painted but they can be cleaned with bleach I believe.
You could also look for an Edel dealer "in your area", they were supposed to release lefty versions of their wedges.    In your area is another problem. I live in rural Alabama. 45 miles to a city of 50,000 only has a Dick's and 125 miles to Atlanta the nearest real city. 
I have 2 problems. First I am left handed second I am looking for clubs to replace my PW 44 degree through sand 56. I currently play Callaway Razx Irons and do not like their offering in PW, GW, SW. The PW and GW have too much bounce of me. I am looking for a set of clubs in 43 or 44, 48,52,56. The only thing I can find id Scor wedges. They currently have a great deal on demo 51. I have played it a  few times and find it to be a pretty good club. Before purchasing the...
Matt Kucher -9 Henrick Stenson -8
I don't care if people smoke on the course but a good percentage of smokers throw their butts down, littering up the course, and some drop lit cigs on the green when they putt. For dropping butts or lit cigs: first offense a week in the marine corps after dropping a butt in front of the DI, second offense butt put out in their eye.  
he 3 putted 14 greens 4 putted 1 2 putted 2 1 putted 1   51 putts blamed his putter
You ain't no Einstein. Energy equals Mass, weight, times  Velocity squared. Lighter club is swung fast goes farther because more energy is imparted to the ball.
He needs buckeye nut avatar.
I wish I could reach a 310 yard green. I doubt many that say they can can.
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