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I just traded out my cg15 for a vokey 60 and I am 100% glad I did. Great spin and feel with this club.
I literally JUST bought a Ping Karsten 1959 Zing putter. I used my last putter for the last 15 years or so and I hope this one has the same longevity!   Coop
I guess I should have added this but today I took a mulligan because I could buy one (no evcuse) AND several ground under repairs saved about 3 OB's.
So I have noticed over my last three rounds that I am progresively getting worse. What started with a hook with my driver has since turned into crummy contact with my irons from the fairway and a loss in direction on approach shots. My scores have been 86, 89 and 90 respectively. I know not to ask "What is wrong with my swing?" but seriously, does this happen to others? Have I changed some fundamental technique that I am not realizing? I understand why this game is...
I play with the PW that came with my mp57's and I freaking love it!
Hey guys, I hate to quote a baseball movie but "Some days you win, some days you lose, and some days... it rains." (Bull Durham)   If this game were easy we would all be playing another sport (and cussing less). So take your medicine and realize that it was just one round, and round your handicap will soon forget, and keep at it.   Coop
So what i'm seeing here is that everybody is talking about hitting different wedges with different strengths. What has worked the best for me is to get 1 club that I feel most comfortable with 50 yards and closer. For me it was too difficult having all of these different lofts and then having to hit them in different ways. What I do now when I am within 50 yds (with obvoius exceptions of bunkers, punch n runs and various flops and pitches) is to grab my PW and use the feel...
So I initially clicked on this post because playing golf in Bay Area often means getting wet and I was hoping to get so insight to rain golf gloves. However, after a google search I realize that you can buy golf gloves that are built to withstand rain. On another note, I played football (and baseball) in college and I can tell you that a receiver glove may be the last thing you want. The gloves have a rubbery/waxy inside that would seem to leave to some sort of death...
Thank you for the great advice everyone!Larry - I tribute the gap in distance to the shafts of my 3 & 5 wood (x-stiff) to both the similar distance to my driver and the gap in distance to my 3 iron. I also know that on my r9 I have actually increased the loft of the driver in order to help me get it elevated so I'm sure I may lose a bit of distance because of it.I am not so worried for a club i can tee off with more so than i am looking for a club that I can hit when I am...
Mp57 3 Iron is 21* and the Adams 5 wood is 18*. I realize the gap in loft isn't very extreme but shouldn't a 21* hybrid go further than the 3 iron due to shaft length and club head?   Thanks   Coop
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