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Tiger Woods: -9 Matt Kuchar: -6 Keegan Bradley: -6
Love the last shot!
Well a huge difference between the Free 2.0's and the TW 13's is waterproof materials used in the TW 13.  I also have a pair of Free's and they are anything but waterproof. Insanely comfortable though!  
  Amen to that. I'd say 119.99 or so next year. Don't think they'll go down too fast unless Tiger spontaneously loses popularity again.
Just bought this today. EASILY as comfy as true linkswear while not looking like a slipper.  The balance in them is tremendous.  The price was a little steep but I must say they are well worth it.  The wider base allows for stability and better traction, which is very nice.  But the main reason I bought these was the 'free' design.  I'm a high school golfer, leading to the fact that I walk at least 100 holes a week, so light and durable shoes are a must.  The TW emblem...
Yeah that's my only problem. Merely a high schooler so don't have much money to spend on a shaft. We shall see what I can do.
Good morning everybody! I'm looking for a new shaft for my Titleist 910 D2.  Currently have a Diamana Kai'li (stiff) in it, which has a mid kickpoint.  I'm in need of a high kickpoint shaft which will help reduce torque and therefore keep the ball low.  Any suggestions are much appreciated!  
All I need for my sunset rounds is my trusty 4 iron of course, but besides club(s), my 42 oz of Arnold Palmer and one ProV1. Bringing one ball and only one really puts the pressure on ya.
My best shot of yesterday was on the par 3 17th. It's a slight downhill, 155 yard shot, always dead into the wind.  I pulled out a smooth 8 iron from my arsenal.  It started about 6 feet right of the hole and drew beautifully before landing 6 feet past and zipping back to 2.  Kick in for birdie!  If only I would have read the green a little better I could of aced it! haha.
Alright thanks for that!
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