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Cheers mate, just realized that after I posted it. :)
Speaking of titleist any news on a new driver coming out!?
The 714's look lovely. I've 710's ap1's and haven't even thought about changing as I'm playing well with them and they're sweet. Watching a review last night on the 714's got me wanting them but there gonna be pricy!
Golf pride Whiteouts on all my clubs. Awesome grip! Hace 3 layers of tape on the grips, love my grips to be chunky.
Used taylormade last summer found them good. Got 2 boxes of prov 1's last Christmas so went back to using them really good ball but have changed to prov 1x the last month. Really notice an improvement in length, and feel. I never mix and match each round. I always stay solid to one manufacturer in order to get consistency with yardage and feel.
Got the adizero this summer, lovely show nice an light and good grip. Had ATV tour 360 ones before too and also found them good. Only issue with Adidas shoes is the back of the inner shoes the heel part rips easily.
I've tried the TaylorMade spider blade counterbalance the other day. Men it felt good, gave me a good feel on long and short putts. Just lovely balance in the stroke. Have a loo at that one, think the price is $199.
I got this start if the summer. The FD is brilliant ive a high soon rate in my swing so this club has helped me bomb it out. Quality feel and lots of distance.
I love white belts but agree old people wearing them is just wrong like 40 year old and upwards :)
A new addition to my bag Ilis the titleist 913fd 3-wood wow this is an explosive club. The distance I'm getting is brilliant. The feel of the club is great too, I got the FD as I wanted a lower flight and less spin. I'm thinking off adding a 60 degree vokey to my bag as I've a 52 and 56 already but I'm wondering if its worth adding the 60 degree?
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