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I have also been using the K15 in 12 degree, I've always used 10 or 10.5. My drives are nice and straight but have really noticed a drop in distance. Thinking of trying to find a K15 in 10.5 . It's hard to complain when your driving the ball straight, but when you usually out drive your  golf partner and now he's out driving you it's tuff.
Thanks for the info. double checked the shaft length 42.5", 1/2" shorter than my current 3 wood.
Was having trouble hitting my 3 wood off the deck and after reading a few articles that recommended using a 4 wood, I ordered a tour edge trilogy. I have never used this brand and was woundering what people think ?? Read a few real good reviews on this club.
Just ordered a Tour Edge Trilogy 4 wood to replace current 3 wood, haven't had much luck with the 3 wood off the deck when I need it the most. Seems like alot of articles are pointing in the direction of the 4 woods, looking forward to trying it out.
New Posts  All Forums: