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I as well have the same problem. I currently have been shooting low 80's but I want to get into the 70's. My irons along with putting have been terrific this year but my driver has been very eratic. I have been using my 2 hybrid off the tee and can hit it about 240. With the 3 wood and driver I never know whats going to happen. My miss with the driver use to be a duck hook but I fixed that. My misses off the tee are now a slice or a blocked shot to the right. I have been...
Great thread! I recently have been trying to concentrate on my hip slide but had a few concerns. Although I am making good contact with most my swing I seem to be topping my driver out of all clubs when emphaizing the hip slide. Also I have a hit a few pull shots with my irons. Any advice ???
Thanks for the advice. I believe it's all mental because I get very odd tee shots when I have to aim left or right but when the fairway is straight ahead I seem to hit most fairways. It just feels odd when the fairway is not straight ahead. People say when you want to hit a fade put the ball on right side of market but for some odd reason I hit a better shot when I tee it on the left side....not sure why. 
anyone?   I am sorry my above post is a little confusing. I just want to know if anyone had tips for alignment on the tee box (when the tee box is not facing the fairway).
Out of the three he described in the video which one would I have? 
I am not sure about everyone else but a lot of courses I play have a few tee box's lined up to either the right side or left side rough. I know a lot of people will pick a spot a few inches in front of their ball and focus on just that spot and ignore everythng else. For some reason when the Tee box is facing down the right side and I have to aim left I tend to hit a slice. I try to make sure my stance is not open and my shoulders are parallel with my target. Does...
Just to make sure we are on the same page when you say I have a slight early extention do you mean my body is leaning forwards on my downswing and instead of doing that I am better off just bumping my hips to the left and turn.
Thanks, that was great advice. It was hard to explain the turning left part to people but what you just said was what I was told to do.
Thank you for your input saevel. If you notice my slow motion swing (I pasted the URL in the early part of this thread) you will notice I tend to transfer my weight on my left side pretty good so I dont believe I problem falling back and flipping the hands. My misses are "worm burners" they get airborn it's just not the pure perfect ball strike. Again when I was told to swing inside and open hips I was getting better divots and ball contact but ocassionaly I would pull...
Thank you amazingwacker.....I like my downswing and follow through but my backswing needs help. I have been shooting in high 70's low 80's all this year and feel that if I make a dramatic swing change it might take all summer to get back to the high 70;s. I know there is not a quick fix button but 1-2 swing thoughts and I usually can fix it myself.
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