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Tiger wouldn't blame a bad performance on anyone but himself - he's the one swinging the club. Harmon and Williams aid him, offer advice no more no less.
Masters champion 2028!!?
I can't see the point of lift, cleaning and cheating unless the ball is plugging in the fairway. However, most of the time that that happens, the course should probably be closed anyway. I never bother lift, cleaning and cheating, even if I have the option. The game is to play the ball as it lies. Anyone can hit a decent shot off a perfect lie in the fairway; where's the challenge in that? It's far more rewarding to play a shot if the balls nestled down a bit, you change...
Spot on seattlemudder! Which is probably the main reason you'll have a water ball to start with....it then becomes a vicious circle! Golf's 90% between the ears remember
I've had terrible bouts of the chipping yips in the past. What helped me through it was not mechanical technique, although this is very important at the start, but for me I was becoming so tense I found myself gripping the club very tightly because of anxiety so I loosened up! As soon as I made my hands soft, made as lighter grip as possible and made a smooth stroke, my chipping became very good again. It was a very simple remedy for me, it may work for you too?
I'm not really an expert with the Callaway golf balls. However, I recently found myself having to play with the 'Callaway Warbird' a couple of weeks ago and found much the same results. I drove it about 15-20 yards further; it really is a long ball, it was great fun. Like you I found myself shooting to the back of a lot of greens, however, I'm not sure if this was because I was overclubbing by about 5 yards or so on my irons because of the increase in distance or the fact...
I'm not saying don't tighten gun laws! Of course they need to tighten gun laws, although it's closing the barn door after the horses bolted to a certain extent. What I am saying is that it's a multi-faceted problem which requires more thought that just the fact that there are lots of guns flying around - as Canada clearly demonstrates - they have guns left right and center, but don't have nearly the same problems.
That's exactly my point! Canada have nowhere near the same gun problems as the US, but their laws are the same as the US, i.e. pretty flimsy, unlike ours, say, which are really strict, especially since Dunblane. So I was just saying that it's a complicated issue, far more than just the firearm laws, as the Canadian model seems to suggest.
Hmmmm, I don't think it's as simple as that. Just look at the gun crime statistics with America and compare them to Canada. Canada has the same gun laws and accessibility to the firearms as the US.
Ah sorry guys, my mistake.....Er...I'll get my coat.
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