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Crazy, just crazy.  That is just about the best I would expect.   Love to see Rory or someone try it, just for grins.
 Since when is a 5W difficult to hit?
 My former home course was essentially a public muni, yet most of the things you mention were performed there as well.  Greens were hand mowed daily before any golfers got to them (mowers went out on the front and back 1/2 hour before sunrise).  Bunkers were groomed daily, maybe not perfect -not raked by hand, but were better and more consistent than most of the municipal type courses I've played.  Blowers were employed in the fall for leaf control.  Tee boxes were on a...
 I think that most courses should revisit their pace of play policies.  They should include 2 numbers.   The first one is the recommended pace of play, usually at somewhere around 4 hours or just over depending on course difficulty.  The second one is the absolute maximum that will be tolerated, and that should never be more than 4½ hours.  If a group is over the recommended pace but inside of the max, then they should still be prodded by the ranger to pick up the pace....
I usually tuck mine in, but when it gets really hot I'll pull it loose for additional ventilation.  I've never played a course, even a couple of private country clubs, where it was prohibited.
 Nice catch!  I would say that this should end the argument.  The rules do go out of their way to point out this one exception, as I inferred a few pages back.  I didn't have this particular quote referenced, but I drew the same conclusion.
 Yep.  It would be nice if players would still kick, or use the club and scrape the sand back into some semblance of level, even when there aren't any rakes, but there are too many inconsiderate or clueless golfers.
 So, if we arrive at our balls simultaneously, you on the left side of the fairway and me well into the right rough some 50 yards away, and I immediately start my routine, step up and play my stroke without really paying any attention to what you are doing, you are going to gripe at me for doing so because you were a couple of yards farther away that I was?  I find that entire scenario to be a bit ridiculous.  Some 20 or more years ago I read an article with a quote from a...
 They are still "agreeing to disregard a rule".  If it's okay in that decision then by extrapolation it should be okay anytime it isn't done to give an advantage, regardless of the location or intent.
I think that sometimes we get too tied up by overthinking a relatively irrelevant detail and missing the overall point.  Ask yourself "Why is there no penalty for playing out of turn?"  And then look at the way that even the USGA encourages ready golf.  Maybe the lack of a penalty is because the ruling bodies want to encourage prompt play, regardless of who is away or who has honor.     There are many instances where the rules specifically caution against delaying play,...
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