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 With your profile handicap, that 10 should be adjusted to 7 before posting.  You shouldn't be posting any more than 7 on any hole.
 It also nearly doubles the number of swings I have to make, potentially making me more tired during the last few holes.   I will stretch, make a dozen or so real swings, but just air swings, no ball.  I may or may not hit a few putts.  Even at age 67 with occasional lower back pain, this is all I've ever needed.  For me, range warmup has invariably led to some of my worst rounds.
 I've seen entire sets with bag go for $10 at a garage sale.  They usually have to be regripped, but get the Tour Velvet (my preferred grip) or similar and it's not a big investment.  It's not that hard to get equipped if a person really wants to.
This is the hole I referred to in the above post.  The boundary fence is the red line on the north side of the photo.  The arrow points at an irrigation ditch on the south side which is included within the hazard.  The red line around the lake is the approximate margin of the hazard.  All of the deep native rough surrounding the pond is is also within the margin.  The north side of the lake is a berm about 6 feet high, and it has  a steep slope down to the fence.     You...
 Not exactly right.  He said that the area of high weeds was within the hazard, and led up to the fence.  As he presented his scenario, the only possibilities are hazard or OB.   However, the result is the same.  It must be known or virtually certain that the ball is in the hazard.  Without that being the case then it must be played as if it is out of bounds.  OB is still a stroke and distance penalty.  That is a difficult and unfortunate design, but one I have seen a lot...
For a bit more discussion on this....   In my experience, the local rule is generally only invoked when the power lines are in play for a "normal" shot - usually if the lines are strung across the hole or are otherwise likely to be a factor in the normal play of the hole.  One course I play has a string of high tension lines down the left side, well into the rough, and they do not have the local rule in place.  If you hit those lines, play it as it lies.  I've never...
 Maybe so, the odds are much greater that that honking big divot trench was left by a beginner.  
I make a smooth stroke on longer putts, but from about 6 feet and in I accelerate through impact.  I also make a rather exaggerated follow through, because I find that helps me to avoid decelerating the putter, and helps keep the face square through impact.  However, I don't hit down at impact.  My stroke is at least in the good range of Erik's graph for the point on the arc where I contact the ball.  I just continue the stroke so that the putter "chases" the ball down the...
 The biggest difference between golf and most other sports is the honesty and integrity of its participants.  When a professional golfer ignores a rule in such a cavalier fashion then yes, it is a big deal.  The way that Judy Rankin glossed it over, and the apparent disinterest by the tour seems to condone her actions, and to any real golfer, that just exacerbates the infraction.  The only over-reaction I saw was, as usual, by Shorty.
 Look at my profile.  
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