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 Any game or sport sets specifications on the equipment that can be used (tennis, basketball, baseball, football - think deflate-gate, maybe the ultimate in equipment restrictions is in auto racing), so why do you object to golf following suit?  There was a lot of controversy back in the '20s and early '30s when steel shafts were first introduced.  Ultimately they were accepted, but that led to players carrying 30 or more clubs because the clubs could be made cheaper and...
  They already publish that LIST for both driver heads and balls.
 I don't see it.  I don't find it any more exciting than it was 40 years ago.  The game is challenging, thought provoking, strategically stimulating, but no more now than it was when I first started playing semi-seriously in the 70's.  Would I like to still be as long as I was 15 years ago?  Sure, but not at the expense of what the game means to me.  Playing with illegal clubs would be no different to me than hitting mulligans, using foot wedges, or (and this is a classic)...
 However, slice and hook spin would still be a factor.  If player fights a wicked slice, adding a little grease would straighten that out and probably add 20+ yards to his drives.  This does not necessarily relate.  I was always among the longer drivers in the Men's Club when I was playing in my prime, but I was never more than barely average with my irons.  I really don't know what the difference was, as I never bothered with lessons, but that's how it was.  So by your...
 Yep.  Just not something I care to do.  That hole wouldn't be where I chose to watch a golf tournament live.
 I'd take the trees just to get out and play.
 Yeah.  If they don't somehow make them very obvious it will just about wreck the game for amateur competitions.  I can guarantee that I would immediately support a boycott against any manufacturer who makes such a club without any obvious distinction.   It's most often done with the driver, so sticking a green isn't generally a factor in such a decision to cheat.
 The key is that any sort of full swing practice during around it against the rules.  And by the rules, a practice swing is not the same as a practice stroke.  A stroke requires making a forward motion of the club with the intent to hit the ball, thus playing a second ball is making a practice stroke and is not allowed.  Making a practice swing (swinging through air, or swinging at a leaf or broken tee or the like) is not a stroke (no intent to strike the ball) and is...
 It helps reduce sidespin, thus reducing or eliminating slices and hooks.  Because it also reduces backspin, it changes the ball flight somewhat, usually making for a lower trajectory.
  Four rules for baseball????  Not hardly.  Look at this:  Rules of Baseball
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