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  This is how I look at it too.  As long as nobody is being held up, then I want the ball in the hole.  While I admit that I am rarely outside of triple bogey numbers, on those few occasions I'm still going to play out the hole.
 No, I'm talking about playing a match (that's match play, not stroke - you still have to count the strokes for each hole even if you don't worry about a total)... or maybe skins.  You're lying 9 and your opponent is lying 10 and the hole is a 6 hole carry over.  Damn straight I'm going to putt that ball.  If it's only the two of you on a typical busy day, you aren't taking any longer than a foursome making bogies.   If anyone has ever read any of my posts here they should...
 If the guy your'e playing a match against shoots an 11?  There are legitimate reasons.
 Slope might be affected depending on how extensive and how much in play the area is.  If it's something where a bogey golfer is likely to be entangled with it somewhere on the course every round then It could easily make an average difference of a stroke per round - maybe even a stroke and a half.  Seems to me that this would have to make the slope somewhat higher for rounds where this is played as a water hazard.  However, since I have no experience with course rating, I...
 My biggest concern is if his back holds up.  If so anything could happen.  Yeah... this is basically just a shot in the dark, isn't it?  I'm going with 2 wins if he plays the entire season.... one might just be a major.  It may still take him a few tournaments to get his confidence back, so I don't see a fast start.
 While such bush league stuff rarely bothers my game, if I wanted to get back at someone for doing that, I'd just start by stepping back from the ball after address and asking them to step back a bit, regardless of whether they were in my vision or not.  Just something to start getting back into their heads.  If they aren't doing for a mind game, then I don't worry about them.
As long as they conform to the rules, I don't see the question.  This is the rules forum, after all.    I buy something new when I perceive a need, which these days is rarely.  I don't think I've bought a club in over 5 years.
 This sounds like the designation is a bit different from what it did in your original post.  Had it been described this way, I'd never have started this brouhaha.
 Once again, I'm referring to one specific situation, not to the world of golf in general.  Please read and take my entire reply in context. 
 Read above.  I already backed off of that.  I'm not arguing about that any more  I never, ever referred to what I would do as a rules official.  What I was talking about was what I would do if I was managing a course.  I would find a better way, more in keeping with the spirit of the game of golf. [[SPOILER]]
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