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 I wet one end of my towel at the start of the round and wipe my clubs after every shot (I'm not a spitter) - I don't hold up traffic to do it.  I either clean it immediately while my companions are hitting, or I keep it in my hand until I've gotten to the next stopping point, then clean it and put it away.  I also have a two sided brush with nylon bristles on one side and brass bristles on the other for cleaning the grooves.  Some courses have ball and club washers...
 Actually most courses I'm familiar with don't have drop zones.  I've played a lot of courses over the last 40 years and can only remember a couple of drop zones, and those were special cases where the normal procedures didn't work very well.  I'd advise you to learn Rule 26-1 well if you plan to play very many courses.
 I've played 81 holes the last 3 days, today 27 holes in 98° heat, and I'm beat.  54 holes on Monday and Tuesday at above 8000 feet.  Riding not walking, but that still takes a toll on a 68 year old body.  We are playing 18 more tomorrow and 18 again on Friday, temps still in the 90's each day.  If it ain't a sport, it sure is an exhausting game.  
Just finished 18 holes, 98° and not even a breeze.  Score was sad because game went north the last 6 holes trying to find some place cool.  Best thing was a root beer float at Sonic on the way home, then a long cool shower.  Still working on rehydrating.
From a rules viewpoint, Rogolf is correct.  From a practical standpoint playing a public course in a casual round, I would take the committee responsibilities on myself and declare it GUR and take line of putt relief.  As long as it isn't a competition, you shouldn't have to be stuck with a condition which the committee would deal with if it was a competition.
 Initial feeling is that since it's a tee shot, you can put the ball on a peg, so grass isn't that much of an issue.  
 360-400 yards.  Welcome to the internet where all things are possible. 
 There was a time when you could count on reporters reporting the news.  Now they express opinions as much as fact, sometimes even leaving out key facts to make the story lean in the right direction.  Opinion is supposed to be restricted to the editorial pages, or clearly stated as such.  The rights of free press have been stretched far beyond anything the founding fathers envisioned.  
 Sometime you hit a tree with a good shot trying to recover after a poor one.  Just nicking a top branch with a really good shot that 4 times out of 5 would clear the tree.  More bad luck.  Good luck and bad luck can play a part in just about any shot on the golf course.
 Some of the best golfing baseball players are current or former pitchers though.  You don't hear a lot about batters becoming exceptional golfers.  
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