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 It would be the opponents responsibility to be where the game is being played.  If they choose to leave the field while the match is still active, then they really shouldn't get any special consideration.
Nope.  I've had good starts that went bad, and horrid starts that became good rounds.  What I have more trouble with is if I start well, then have a couple of early blowups to turn the round south.  It's harder for me to regain focus and recover some good from that.
 It certainly wouldn't hurt if it was possible to change the mindset of the typical player to accept less than pristine conditions between tee and green.  Making all of that fairway and rough stay a deep green is expensive.  Use drought resistant turfgrass that can go yellow or brown in spots without dying so that a course can keep up good playing conditions with 1/2 or 1/3 the water.  Less water means less cost ofr irrigation, and the grass doesn't grow as fast so it...
 If they did it to me, they'd be having a visit from the pro shop.  I wouldn't hesitate to call in on a bunch of jerks like that.  But then too, I wouldn't have put up with their pace for that long either.  Thankfully my home course wouldn't have put up with it either.
 There are a bunch of other Open's too, including the Canadian, Scottish, French, but none have the stature of the US and British, just as no other Masters has the status of The Masters at Augusta National.   No matter how you slice it, the British Open has no more standing in modern golf than the US Open, and it has no justification to style itself as THE Open.
 I realize that I'm replying to a 5 year old post, but it's still pertinent.  What popular athlete isn't making canned comments in post game interviews?  You can only make so many original statements before you run out.  Why make a major effort to be clever when it doesn't really mean anything anyway?
I've almost always putted with my elbows jutted out away from my body.  Having my elbows tucked in has never worked for me.  I was never able to control the head of the putter that way - it took just about every path possible during the stroke, making every putt different.  When I "chicken wing", I can make a smooth stroke by rotating my shoulders, and I can keep my hands quiet.  I don't do it to the extreme that Michelle Wie does, and my stance is more open a la Jack...
 In a match it does matter whose honor it is.  If you play out of turn in a match the shot can be recalled at the discretion of your opponent.  In stroke play there is no such provision, and there is no penalty stroke attached in either case. To the OP, what I just said was your only option.  If it was their honor, then you have no claim.
I can understand your indecision.  Pace of play is so much in our thoughts these days that you have to applaud any attempt to make things better.  I'd have been more concerned about the amount of time they spent looking, but I'd have felt obligated to mention the prohibited ride to the committee as well, and let them decide if it was a warranted breach.  The rule, odd as it seems to me, must have been instituted for some reason, so it's up to the committee to decide if...
 You're an 18 handicap and you aren't pleased unless your drive is on the correct side of the fairway?  You are the pickiest bogey golfer I've ever seen.  I've been as low as a 10 handicap, and I was never that choosy.
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