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  to his wife!
 Why do you continue to resist the simplest solution?  Carry a Sharpie and put your initials on the ball.  Takes 5 seconds and eliminates any question, as well as eliminating any need to change a rule or modify a basic principle of the game.   The 2 most fundamental principles of golf are that you play the course as you find it; and you play your ball from the tee, and you don't move it or touch it until you lift it from the hole.  The rules allow for deviation from those...
 You make assumptions which may or may not apply in a given case.  The OP states that they were playing on a relatively empty course and did nothing to hold up play for anyone else.  I have yet to see the USGA mention anything about 15 inch holes or any other actual rules changes to promote better pace of play.  The promote procedures for players to help them play faster, not rules modifications.  The rules are based on certain fundamental principles which have been the...
 This is a rules forum so the answers given to questions must necessarily be correct by the Rules of Golf.  If you have no interest in discussing the rules in the context of the question, or in learning about them, then maybe you clicked on the wrong forum heading.
 You don't think that doing thousands of dollars worth of damage to someone's property is a felonious act?  What if he had stolen 15 or 20 thousand dollars in cash or merchandise?  Would that be worthy of a felony in your opinion?  I don't see any difference.  The same value was lost - in fact this is worse because there is likely little chance of ever recovering the loss.  A thief caught that quickly would still have had the cash with him.
 Why?  It doesn't cost them any less to operate at that time than it does the rest of the season.  If you don't like it, don't play.
 Yes you are wrong.  If it isn't designated as OB in some fashion, then it isn't OB.  I've played several courses where there simply isn't any out of bounds.  No matter how far you stray from the normal line of play, your ball is still in play if you can find it.
 My point was that you used the term "unfair", and that concept in the way you used it has very little to do with playing golf.
 My home course in Colorado has a hazard which is only marked as a hazard along three sides.  The north side has a boundary fence about 10 yards from the "natural border" of the hazard, but the area in between is included in the hazard for reasons of practicality.   One thing you need to realize is that over the years and the sheer numbers of courses and terrain features, almost everything that could be experienced has been experienced.  There is nothing wrong with...
I love this time of year.  People like most of you stay away, so those of us who don't mind it get our choice of the good tee times. 
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