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 I agree, but you will never convince some of the people here who are absolutely certain that one or the other is better.  It's impossible to say that Jack wouldn't have done just as well as Tiger has if he'd been of the same generation, with the same equipment and competition.  You can compare stats all you like but it will always be an apple here and an orange there - maybe an occasional tangerine to make it even more confusing.  The differences in the two careers are...
 I doubt that it's ever happened in a tournament of any significance.  That seems to be the most common justification for writing a decision.  They wont touch a hypothetical scenario.
The forecast here is for 70° today and 80° tomorrow.  Leaves are breaking out and spring is truly here.  Now I have to shop for a mower... with more than a half acre to mow I'm getting a rider this time.
 I just feel that moving the marker should be a logical extension of the marking.  I believe that the committee would be justified in threatening a player with disqualification for such a refusal as a serious breach of etiquette if nothing else.  As a player, I'd be livid if any fellow competitor pulled such a stunt.  In a casual round, I'd probably just consider it as an immovable obstruction and take relief for line of putt.  I've never run across this, and I doubt that...
 I think that the problem with this is that the rules writers never contemplated any player being enough of a jerk that he would refuse to do so.  The rules are written for gentlemen.  Good sportsmanship is assumed.
 But that is match play, and since the ball marker represents the ball, the penalty is the same as if the opponent had lifted the ball.  In stroke play there is no penalty for a fellow competitor moving either the ball or the ball marker.  However, he has no business moving it without the player's authorization.  If the player refuses, then you have a situation.   If asked to lift a ball that is interfering with another player's line of putt, a player is required to lift...
 Duffy Waldorf.
 Come on Boogie, give a new member a break here.  It's crap like this that runs off new folks before they can even find a seat. If I had just joined here I sure as hell wouldn't read 260 pages before I put in my opinion - Would you??? 
 Arrowhead has scenery that's drop dead beautiful, and good golf on a Robert Trent Jones course, but it's also more expensive than any of the courses on that list.  Last I knew it was about $125 in season, and being west of the hogback, it may not green up to summer conditions as fast as some other courses. Just looked online and it's priced at $80 starting April 1.  That's pretty high for early season golf when course and weather conditions can be quite variable.
 Actually the only reason for spitting on the clubface aside from cleaning it is to reduce spin.  I can't imagine getting impact information from it.   As far as the Sharpie, if a player puts a big black spot on the ball fresh every drive, and deliberately puts that spot toward the back for the obvious purpose of checking his impact, then he would be in breach of the rules.  I think that it would fall under Rule 14-3 as unusual use of equipment or using a training aid...
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