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 Yeah, those are the ones that cost about $15/dz more.  
 Hybrids really aren't woods.  As the name implies, they are the offspring of a marriage between an iron and a FW wood, but not quite either one.
I've been playing TaylorMade Project (a) and I really like them.  The price is around $30/dz.  Good 3 piece ball with thin urethane cover that spins nice around the greens, but flies straight off the driver.  I order them online from Golfsmith.  The guy in the store says they have trouble getting them and they sell as fast as they come in - when I was in there on Monday the slot for the Project (a) balls was empty.     I figure TM will probably discontinue them, since...
 I used to love my hybrids, but lately they are quite useless, even a detriment to my game.  During my fitting on Monday I tried several and couldn't a single one.  Even the fitter couldn't figure out why I was so terrible with every one I tried, yet hit most of the irons quite well.  Right now my 5W has to do the job of 4 clubs (3W, 5W and two hybrids), until the new irons arrive.
To those who think that $35 is too much to pay for a universally recognized handicap through your state or regional association, I say "HUH??"     If the price of about one ball per month is too much to pay, then you either don't need an "official" handicap, or the game of golf is too expensive for you.  If you can't afford the cost of a lost ball, then what are you doing when you hit a ball into the woods or weeds?  Spending 10 minutes searching? 
Typically bacon to maybe a thin strip steak.  More from a wedge than a 7 iron.  
Of course driver counts as a wood.  If the OP didn't want that counted he should have made a multiple choice poll with the different woods listed by name. For me it's two,  913 D2 driver and 18° TM AeroBurner 5W.  Not at all true.  Driver is a 1 wood - always has been since numbers were attached to clubs.  Just like a spoon is a 3 wood.  
  A few bucks worth of red stakes would be a better solution.  For the price of one or two green fees at most it could be properly marked.
 Actually there is a sort of a penalty for it.  If both balls are found in the same area but can't be distinguished from each other, then the player selects one and plays it as the provisional ball, so you end up with the stroke and distance penalty even though it is clear that you have found both the original and the provisional ball. Decision 27/11 (Situation 4): 
Harvey Penick always said that calluses were the sign of a poor grip.  I don't know if that's a correct statement for current swing mechanics or not.  I have just one callus, at the base of my left ring finger from playing while wearing my wedding ring.  I don't wear a glove.
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