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Pelz's next putting book will be co-authored with Michelle Wie?
With a 40 yard gap between 3W and 3H, I suspect a 5W would do more good for you than a 4W. Are your 3W and 3H the same model?
As of September 1, I will be a 15.1 (unless I play between now and then, as it could be lower. Or if I play six rounds, all stinkers, it could be marginally higher; none of my five least recent of the last 20 are used in the calculation). Considering I started summer at 18.7, I'm super excited. LSW, Erik, Mike, and the crew at evolvr have been tremendously helpful. In any case, I do aim to keep my handicap index as listed here accurate.
Eager to attend, and I will try to make just about any Sunday in November work for me.
I also aim to be there at 830.
Except it's the exact same argument; banks wanted to blame the people who took the mortgages (most of whom weren't, let's face it, smart enough to know better) without taking the blame for not doing their due diligence in loaning half a million to someone making minimum wage.Reasonable people expected that the banks should have been responsible for at least looking into the ability of borrowers to repay the loans they were making. Arguments like the one you're making...
Did your parents teach you that you can make excuses for your lack of responsibility? It sounds like you're doing that: excusing the homeowner from every bit of his legal and moral culpability. "Oh, the homeowner didn't know there was a golf course there, he should be able to treat his house the same as he would in the middle of nowhere." Maybe those weren't your exact words, but we all got the message.I worry your daughter, raised to your so-called standards, might...
I got Phil. Other than we're both right handed, I don't see it. Also, what's up with that TV show question?
So you completely absolve the person who chose to put himself in the situation a very large number of times (hundreds per day, likely), without taking any precautions, and you place the entire blame on the person who was in the situation a smaller number of times (not daily, and maybe a little over a dozen on the few days he was in such situations), and who may have taken reasonable precautions to avoid the situation. Got it.
I doubt that's literally true. If you're mowing your lawn, and I wander over barefoot and put my foot in front of your mower, are you going to pay my hospital costs? How about the lost wages I didn't earn while recovering?Your so-called moral standard absolves others of their responsibility. Claiming that the golfer should pay for the damage is a huge swipe against personal responsibility: it places the entire blame for the situation on the one who didn't choose to be...
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