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I, likewise, did not earn my badge this month. But I did get 50 consecutive days at one point, so I have that going for me, which is nice.
Same material as the Glide wedges, available in an iron. At the very least, I'm going to need to attend a demo day.
I took video today using the Stable Stick and my Galaxy S3. I went to download the video and it's upside down! I can edit it to right-side up, but I seem to recall that evolvr has had some problems with edited video in the past. Is it okay to submit it as such, or should I edit it, or just scrap that video and try again next time I'm at the range to get the phone in correctly?
Now that I understand the "hit your 7-iron 75 yards" drill, I could do it. Only bucket size at the local range (50), teeing up a 7-iron and hit slow, thinking of 75 yards. It didn't quite get to 75 yards, but I hit enough really good shots that I think it was a good session.
I doubt there's been any event, except the Masters, where they didn't complain. It's one of the reasons I miss Anthony Kim -- a few times, he was told that there were bad conditions somewhere on the course, and he'd compare it to the city munis he played growing up and say it was in great shape.
I have found the secret to winning an 18-hole stroke play event is to produce a lower score than every other entrant.You're allowed to like or dislike any given player.
Yes, but with an improved television presentation, please. The tournament itself I thought was fun.
Mine is back now. Watching Paul Casey wait on the #18 tee. I guess someone was paying attention at CBS.
... did CBS just cut away from the playoff to move to an infomercial?
Who is the guy in the booth who doesn't know how to shape shots? "Aim left, open the face a bit, watch it fade."
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