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This is almost more of a relationship issue than a golf issue. A guy I used to play with all the time cheats and is very defensive when called on it. He's also quick to call various other people cheats, including Dustin Johnson after a certain incident at a certain major. My solution has been to stop playing with him (and largely to stop hanging out with him, although other reasons went into that).
My GPS lets me mark and measure drives, and I write them on my scorecard. There's generally a bad drive of 180 or so on there, and yet when I remember the round, I remember the drives at 220 (or the one downhill hole where it comes out at 225). So, part of it is selective memory -- we all remember that one time we hit an 8-iron 150 yards (I once caught a flyer while hitting with the wind in the summer and hit my 8-iron over a green when I had picked a club based on going...
No, but you do see books about what their swings have in common, and that's what some of us try to emulate.
I'm excited for tomorrow.
I wish you the best. Taking time off from golf sucks. I hope you get some good shots in on your first time out -- and every subsequent visit to the course during the season!
Just saw a list on TGC of Bubba's career 54-hole leads and the results. Each of his final placings is a power of two.
A final pairing tomorrow of two guys who probably won't go out for a beer if they win.
I hope someone was smart enough to pick him in the Cobra contest.Sure. One of the top players once said that if he's ever on 11 in regulation, it means he pulled his approach shot. Still, sending one's ball to a high percentage up and down is very different from laying up short of a water hazard.
Part of par is not only the horizontal distance, but also how long it plays (and generally, which integer they expect the scores to be closest to). 11 is significantly downhill and doesn't have water fronting the entire green. I think the green is larger, too, or at least deeper. You can also tell how accurate par is by the second shot played by pros -- how often have you seen someone lay up on 11 from the fairway? What of 13? The pros aren't looking at par when they...
Whoo! Everyone I picked in the Cobra Driver contest that started made the cut. Maybe I should check to see if anyone chose them with a higher pick.
New Posts  All Forums: