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Going to be a 17.0 effective August 1. Updating now because I likely won't play between now and then. Best I've been in a while, not counting handicaps that included rounds from 2011 due to a lack-of-playing in 2012 and 2013.
I have a belt clip thing that I bought for $15 or so when I first started golf. It has a ball-mark tool, room for two tees, and a quarter-sized ball marker magnet. That's what I use. I also have a nicer ball-mark tool that has a similarly sized magnet. No problems with them running off in the bag.
The bit about keeping it in the fairway actually changed how I aim to play one tough hole at my home course since reading the book, and have kept my score below my prior scoring average on that hole every time since reading it (4 rounds and counting). I average 5.x on that hole, and have only made par (4) a handful of times. Last four rounds: 5-4-5-5, and two of those three fives I had a reasonable shot at a 4 (makeable, but not trivial, putt). The longest putt I had...
Far better example than I was going to go with... I was debating between saying Pistol Annies or Florida Georgia Line. Both of whom I'd rather listen to than any band from Liverpool (there is a good band from Manchester that is sometimes confused with them though).Point remains: Bubba is not a music historian. And that's what part of music the Beatles are important to: history. Land of the Lost was a part of TV history, but I'll change the channel if it's on. And if...
I'm frequently surprised by the number of guys who are unfamiliar with the International Choice of Urinal Protocol.
I thought he owned a non-trivial fraction of a club company, and that wasn't Miura.
The one phrase I ran across in today's sectional re-reading made me wonder: do they really want their students to recount a full round stroke-by-stroke?
I was B-Fit for Bridgestone e5 golf balls - Tiger Woods -10 - Jamie Donaldson -12 - Thorbjorn Olesen -11
I'm in. Planning the weekend around it and everything. Can't wait!
I don't like it when it happens, but seeing the consequences can be amusing. It also gives me an excuse to post a video of a similar incident many years ago where one lucky Browns fan got taken down by James Harrison.
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