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20 minutes putting on the way home from work. I focused mainly (15 minutes' worth) on 6' putts that were straight so I could see if it's my stroke or not. I sank most of them, so I think my stroke is coming around, now that I don't have to compensate for anything.
I had about a half hour to kill (after accounting for travel time) after work but before meeting some friends for dinner. Instead of staying late at the office (there's some work I can finish tomorrow), I stopped at a golf course that's on the way to where I was going to meet my friends and did putting for half an hour. I spent the first 15 minutes on 4' - 8' putts; around the hole. I think next time I'm going to focus on ones I know are straight to ensure I'm setting...
I DID NOT meet the requirements in August. But I do have a question: if I had otherwise hit every day, would the two days where I did only the medicine ball driver drill have counted (for purposes of the contest)?
I hit two greens from afar yesterday with this shot; in both cases, I was about 75 yards from the pin. I hit a flighted gap wedge to pin high. Both pins were to the side of the green, and I was at an odd angle, so they weren't in tight, but both were putts with a chance to make and a tap-in afterward. No complaints. I think this was my first time hitting a green with a flighted shot, although not my first attempt. Good day overall. Thanks again for the help Mike.
I think this may have become my favorite golf belt. I've got an outline of the full review done, and should have the review itself before too long.
Friday I went to the Roger Dunn and bought a laser rangefinder (I've all but given up on finding a GPS unit I want after losing my previous one). Result of first round with it (yesterday): 5&4 win, 85 total score.
A question as I'm working on the review: how appropriate it is to compare to a non-belt item for the same? Prior to this, I used a belt clip that had a ball marker and a ball mark repair tool in it; OTG's Belt's ball mark repair tool is far better. Is it okay to include a picture and compare the two?
Lower. It's been dropping steadily as my swing improves; I also got a properly fit putter which is sure to help. We'll see. Aug 15 2015 handicap is 14.1; I don't know Sept 1 2015 yet.
Thanks. No trouble, just wondering.
It's okay Tiger. You're still #1 in my heart. Make this putt just because, though.
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