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Hi all, Can anyone point me to what the good and bad parts of golf in Palm Springs are for a resident? Which courses are good, which to avoid, which are worth trying but not making one's home course, and so on?
Let me know and I'm in. I just need to get back to the practice tee. My body decided I was going to take a month off (haven't played 18; mostly range and putting) and I've been unable to convince it otherwise until recently.
Okay, so my history with woods. For the longest time, I refused to hit a wood off anything except a tee. I'd have the same results you're describing, except even from good lies. Eventually I was able to hit a 5-wood off the deck, and a 3-wood sometimes from a great lie. At the May So Cal outing, Mike made a grip change for me and had me hit a 3-wood off the deck (at the range). Ever since then, I haven't had trouble with that shot. I still avoid 3-wood off the deck...
Early 30s, no wife, no kids, and my dating relationships tend to not last very long. That helps. Being a teacher helps, too. I don't have to worry about being called into work on the weekends, the way I did when I wasn't a teacher. I tend to teach in summer, but that schedule is relaxed (1-2 classes instead of 3-4 per term). This past summer break, despite teaching two classes, I managed to drop my handicap from 18.7 to 15.1. Practice, evolvr, and quite a few...
I'd eat there if I were in the neighborhood. Or if I'm going to be near the neighborhood, I'll find a way to be in the neighborhood, so I can eat there.Especially if any of the past Masters' dinners are on the menu.I stopped buying Gatorade brand anything (I'm aware they're part of Pepsi, and I do sometimes buy Pepsi things, so this isn't a very effective boycott) when they cancelled the Gatorade: Tiger. I still have a few bottles of the red ones, but I don't imagine...
Pelz's next putting book will be co-authored with Michelle Wie?
With a 40 yard gap between 3W and 3H, I suspect a 5W would do more good for you than a 4W. Are your 3W and 3H the same model?
As of September 1, I will be a 15.1 (unless I play between now and then, as it could be lower. Or if I play six rounds, all stinkers, it could be marginally higher; none of my five least recent of the last 20 are used in the calculation). Considering I started summer at 18.7, I'm super excited. LSW, Erik, Mike, and the crew at evolvr have been tremendously helpful. In any case, I do aim to keep my handicap index as listed here accurate.
Eager to attend, and I will try to make just about any Sunday in November work for me.
I also aim to be there at 830.
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