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I was even thinking of going to Penmar (the course where he landed) after work yesterday. Ended up going to a different course. To think I could have been there when Indiana Jones landed!
Darnell Dockett got let go... and got picked up by the 49ers Bills allegedly worked out a deal to trade for Matt Cassel who, with all due respect to Matt Kuchar, was in the best shoe commercial of all time.
I really need to attend one of these when the SCGA does them. I'm a little intimidated by the test now, though; if +fourputt didn't get 100%, I don't think I stand much of a chance.
I also love a good properly done attribution, and I hope more internet trolls get what's coming to them (but I'm not optimistic). Also, I think it's amusing that one of the jerks worked for the Yankees, given Curt's three World Series wins (one was against the Yankees, the other two were for one of their rivals).
If he bought them, they're probably clubs he wants. What would he do if you take them?I'd say don't take them -- go and select your own. If he wants to help you pay for them, great. But I wouldn't take a likely ill-fit set just because they're free (see next point)I think the right fit is more important at your level than it is as one gets better. Getting the right fit for shaft length and flex is huge. I'm sure a few of the pros around here could break 80 with my...
Yes, but the definition of "club" is incredibly loose. It doesn't mean you need to join a country club, or even a club that has a golf course. I'm a member of a club that plays primarily at one public course and isn't affiliated. I pay $125/year for membership, and that includes the SCGA (USGA affiliate) membership for GHIN handicap tracking. Some golf shops even have "clubs" that charge $40/year and give you only a handicap. Whether or not that is worrying with...
Dunlop used to be a major brand in golf. I think even Gary Player used their clubs for a while. I use a Dunlop stand bag, although my decision was based on wanting a stand bag and it being $27 at a Big 5. Still, it's lasted three years and I like it.
I've now only seen the driving tips commercial, but I like it. I'll have to see more. I'll see if I can implement his suggestion. I don't quite know what I was expecting from the title. My first thought was just that I was sure it wouldn't be like the Kenny Powers K-Swiss Tubes commercial.
Darn, now I'm starting to worry the balls may have been nicked; package security at my building isn't perfect. I have dug out my remaining older model e6s and thrown a few sleeves into my bag. Now I really want to play them again.
I understand; the NFL doesn't really have an off-season anyway, since this is really what they call the "non-playing season." I'd also agree franchise tag (and free agent signings, etc) should go in a thread for 2015.
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