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You are correct that Romo is close to scratch -- and he played to that on a U.S. Open course in 2008 (the Golf Digest event with Timberlake, not the main show). But even a +2 handicap wouldn't stick around on the PGA Tour, much less win a major.
I suspect that Jordan was giving Romo strokes for their match. He's good, but he's not good enough to take on Jordan without that help.
I have four problems with this post.First, the S&T swing is a conventional golf swing. I don't know where you get the idea that it isn't.Second, I wonder where your 90% number comes from. There's a non-trivial fraction of the golfing population who I'm surprised hold the golf club by the right end on their swings. Are they counted in your 90% figure? Because they definitely don't do S&T, but I'm not sure I'd want to cite them as being on my side for a swing debate. ...
So, you evaluated the cause of missed putts and determined it's your grip and that this is somehow causing you to hit putts that don't start on your intended line?And you've also determined that you're capable of aiming the putter at the hole? Because otherwise, hitting it straight at the hole involves swing compensations for your missing aim. If you're consistently aiming right of your intended target, you need to ingrain a pull into your swing to hit it "consistently...
This is something I have to remind myself of. I've hit the range twice since my latest evolvr lesson, and I think I'm hitting the ball better already. But that doesn't mean I'm ready to film and ask for the next piece. I'm still going to take several slow training swings before each ball and really ingrain it. At least I'm getting better at that part -- last night's bucket of 30 took an hour (where in the past, I'd go through twice as many in about 45 minutes). The...
Spieth doesn't need to know how to count super high -- he didn't need to take much college math and the numbers on his scorecards tend to not be all that high.
Damn, broke Lars Ulrich's record. Nice.Nike does some amazing custom work for their stars. The method putter I'm surprised didn't make it to retailers more was : [[SPOILER]]
Regulation course, absolutely. Sometimes I don't for a par-3 course. My home course has a warm-up bucket of 30 balls that I pay $2.40 for. They last a lot longer when it isn't before a round (and are pretty much the majority of what I get at the range, round or otherwise).
Bridgestone e6 and Bridgestone B330-RX, plus their similar balls in the Nike line sometimes.
Down to 14.6 from 15.1. 5/1 update will be something different, hopefully lower.
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