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Welcome to TST; we're glad to have you join us. Soak in what you can now so that when the weather permits it, you can make the most of it.
I've been meaning to get the knitting needles and ... was it elastic string that was suggested elsewhere? The problem is that I literally don't know what to get -- I don't know anyone who knits, so I'd even have difficulty figuring out what to buy at a supply store. Or is there literally a product called "knitting needles" and any brand/spec would be okay within it?
I wonder if they're willing to offer exceptions to this rule for some players. A few years ago, I think it was Bubba Watson who threw a half dozen Ping visors into the stands.
Three very memorable shots. TST Spring outing. I was playing with three good players, including +mvmac, at a golf course where I've never previously broken 100 (although I had only played it once with a handicap under 30, so that on its own isn't as bad as it sounds). The second par-5, had a nine iron in for GIR, hit it perfectly. Made the putt for birdie even. If I have to pick one shot to be memorable, this is it. July, my club's match play tournament, round of 16....
Even many mathematically inclined people have a bad intuition for the infinite. In my favorite class to teach, one of my favorite lectures to give is where we introduce infinite cardinal numbers. Showing that the set of natural numbers is infinite doesn't surprise students. Showing that integers are equal in size to that surprises some. Then showing that the set of rationals is equal in size surprises some, many of whom want to object (and are welcome to do so during...
Sounds like you found the right place. Welcome to TST.
I think you're understating your virtue here. There are plenty of people who, in your shoes, would have done the traditional thing -- 2/3 practice short game, tell them to leave driver and 3W in the bag, everyone focus on hitting the fairway, bogey? should have practiced your chipping better, etc. If you did this, you probably would have had an easier time, at the expense of not really doing what a good coach should do. I'm glad you chose the good coaching route.You...
Surprising lack of Metric on here. The only band that has ten consecutive years on my list of music I like. My general genre of preference changes so often. I guess that's unless you count movie scores, in which case Klaus Badelt still finds his way into my playlist regularly. But my favorite concert I ever went to deliberately was Colt Ford. So that has to count. And the top of my "concerts I should go to" is Zac Brown Band, listed elsewhere.
So here's the thing that stumps me. If you're doing something illegal, or otherwise against the rules, isn't the #1 rule to never draw negative attention to yourself? If you're smoking illegally on the course, offer some politely to others in the group, and avoid doing it in front of minors (if for no other reason than you don't know who they'll tell). Extend the same courtesies you would with a tobacco cigarette: don't blow smoke in my face and try to mind where you...
I played Vineyards at Escondido a few years back (six, now that I think of it) and I don't remember disliking it. But I've played it once, and that was in 2008, but maybe others have played it more recently and can say something more relevant.
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