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Seems weird that they'd put IE on a Blu-Ray player. I wonder how that decision got made.A cheap desktop with an HDMI out and a wireless keyboard would solve a lot of the problems mentioned though.
Continuing to enjoy chipping into a box. This time I did it after dinner instead of during. I made a few more, but one was banked off a wall (again, foam balls) so that doesn't count.
Yeah. It's even better as an adult because I know what I'm getting.
Thanks for the update. Glad I could do my small part to help.
Nice article. I'm really sick of hearing the "automatic from 10 feet" one too.
Edel sent an email yesterday confirming my putter is in production.
(It's still August 3 here) After flubbing a few chips yesterday, I devoted a few (at least five, but not much more than ten) practice minutes this evening to working on chips at home while preparing some meals. I used a box that's going to hold books going to the library and chipped foam balls into it (or attempted to... I missed more than I made). Unfortunately, my living in a studio condo makes the ability to do this with real balls and/or on a lawn somewhat scary. ...
88 yesterday (6 near-GIR + 4 GIR) and then 89 today (7 near-GIR + 2 GIR; threw a lot away today at the end with four doubles in the final six holes).
Are you moving here and looking for a new home course? Or are you coming on vacation? Also, WHERE in Southern California? A great course in San Diego might not be worth getting to if you're vacationing in Bakersfield, for example.
Practiced 10' putts and short putts before my round today; didn't start getting bad speed on putts until the final six holes (4 doubles in final six); exhaustion maybe? Played yesterday and today, walked both times. Also did my usual transition drill at the range with my warm-up bucket. Then played 18, trying to remain focused on targets. I worry that a lot of my August practice is going to be focused on staying where I am and not getting worse; I'm going to review...
New Posts  All Forums: