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Wouldn't it be awesome to see professional wrestling in the Olympics? There's precedent: events like gymnastics are pre-scripted by the participants, who are then judged based on difficulty (athleticism required, etc) and execution.
Just to clarify: +mvmac shot 74. I shot a 101, although I've been neglecting my golf for nearly three months. But I got some swing video on Friday and submitted it to evolvr, so I'll be back to practicing and not sucking (relatively) by the winter outing.Yeah, really. I hit my 3-Wood on two of them. Very happy with my safe bogey on #8 (which +mvmac managed to birdie, so I wasn't able to even claim that I helped my team all that much on it).Tristan and Drew's...
You can expect whatever you want. I expect Santa Claus to come down my chimney in a few weeks and bring me a pony.Before you go after someone for the money, though, check your local laws. In most jurisdictions, you've assumed the risk of golf balls in the normal course of play hitting your house by purchasing said property. If someone tees up and takes aim at your house, that's a different issue, but if it's in the normal course of play, that's on you.
Anyone interested in grabbing breakfast before the round? Maybe 8:30 to give us time to get breakfast and get to the course? If no better ideas surface, there's a Denny's nearby on Milliken.
Congratulations on home ownership. It seems this is your first house on a golf course: there are a lot of nice benefits to owning a home so close to a course, but there are also lots of responsibilities.The course plays differently from each; think of them as "difficulty levels." The ones closer to the hole are, generally, easier. It also allows some variety to the players.They might not be aware they hit your house. Also, you should invest in some netting or another...
Which sports?I have an older desktop hooked up to my T.V. and I periodically go to the pgatour website or the Golf channel website and just watch something they have available, throwing it onto my TV. It lacks remote control, but is otherwise fine. A few months ago I accidentally marathoned a season of Haney project.If you're a hockey or baseball fan, those leagues have streaming options. If you're an AFL fan, many of the teams have legal streaming (some in HD)...
I'm sad it isn't at Sherwood because I enjoyed going there to watch it! Now I have to wait a full six weeks or so to attend a professional golf event.But I'll bet Tiger's glad it isn't at Sherwood; the area is experiencing some terrible weather today.
Man, ten years. That's awesome.February 2007. I was probably just looking for a place on the internet to talk about my new love, golf. In Summer 2006, I started taking lessons, having gone to the range a few times beforehand and finally owning a set of irons and, with the "cold" Southern California "winter" just ending, I was getting back to the range in anticipation of playing that spring and summer.
I'm looking forward to it, and after seeing what J.J. did with the Star Trek franchise (especially 11, although 12 wasn't bad, especially for a remake), I'm optimistic. The prequels are far better if you think of 2&3 as an extended flashback between episodes 5&6 (giving an explanation of the big reveal) and think of episode 1 as something that doesn't exist and never has existed.
There's a such thing as too hot for golf? Remind me to ask this again in June when I'm playing in 105+ F (564+ R), out in Palm Springs or Phoenix.
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