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Get down to a single digit handicap.. Consistency in my swing.. I'm adopting Stack and Tilt hoping it straightens out my inconsistencies..
I would ride a moped to work if I had to in order to continue playing golf.. I can't imagine not being able to play!  
I just came across the Passive swing videos as I am revamping my swing of old.  I am finding that Ron's techniques are really working for me.  I am having fewer swing thoughts and getting a lot more consistency and distance with much less effort. Any updates from others using this method?
I'm finding the videos to be very helpful for myself.  Keep in mind that I'm a 13 handicap and have been doing some things very wrong for over 20 years.  Just recently have I decided to learn to swing the club properly.   Some things that the videos have helped me immensely with are the grip (I was far too snug and aligned way off), my takeaway, my alignment, head posititon etc..   I like the way that he breaks down each element.  It may not be perfect but it...
I'm a long time golfer, 25+ years and trying to really learn the game for the first time.  My son is 15 and just started playing so I figured I'd get a few lessons, read books and pick the minds of better players..   I generally shoot in the low 90's but I want to get much better and am willing to do whatever is necessary..   Any suggestions?
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