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MLB baseball players have been wearing them since the 50's
Flat brim hats come from baseball, they keep the sun out of your eyes while not obscuring your vision. Perfect for golf, if you can pull off the look.
Depends on the pin. More often than not its s knockdown 52 with enough spin to bounce once and stop if it lands on flat ground.
All truths.
I like using all of my clubs. The harder and more unfair the course is the the more likely ill be to pay and play it again. Only thing I can't stand is poor maitenance. If I miss a putt because I pulled it, fine, but if I missed it because the cups been getting stepped on for 3 days and they havnt changed it, not ok.
Go back to a regular shaft
90% of the time shanks come from getting nervous and speeding up the take away. Hit a dozen balls with a super slow mo backswing, regular down and follow through. Then get back up to your "regular" speed in increments. If you shank one on the course, just slow everything down in your head.
Course distances and range distances are much different. My course numbers are around. Dr - 265-320 "depending on the shot" 3w - 225-255 "" 2h - 210-230 "" 3i - 200-230 "" 4i - 190-215"" 5i - 180-195"" 6i - 170-185 7i - 155-175" 8i - 140-160 "" 9i - 120- 150 "" Pw 90-135 "" 52 - 0-120"" 56 - 0-100 ""
My swing has not changed and the shafts are definitely regulars. I'm just confused as I've always been told how I need stiffer shafts because of the torque I put on the club and my recent success with these regular flexes.
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