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My friend uses/used (depends on how he feels) and he shoots in the low 8o's. Now I thought I'd try one, and - well - actually - I think it takes MORE skill to use the thing. Try as I might, I think I could chip/bump, whatever, with my standard clubs. The chippers just seem to roll out more, I can't find the "feel". All said though, I have seen a use for it, and I may continue to use it. Golf is an evolving sport. Its difficult enough, I say whatever works.
Well said. And kudos to Jerry Kelly! Its time people woke up to golf w/o number 1. Yes, he is the greatest, but every thing changes, time doesn't stand still, and golf will survive. Sadly, it is all about the Benjamins!
I don't care who wins! At last its real golf again. just what we all need to prime us for spring!
OK - I'll confess and say it.... I use a Cleveland Niblick 42°. It is just a little more forgiving. I find when I need to hit a shot from a really crappy lie, I often use it. Had a 37° in th ebag, but could not get the distance down. The 42° works better for me. They don't ask how, but "how many".... if I can shave a few strokes, I'll take it!
I'd go with the Niblick. I don't find it limiting at all. If we took that approach, well look at all the "improvements" that we have... how many of those should we reject? Anyway, I have the 42° and I get a lot of use out of it.
AVS forums are a very good start... IMHO, whatever you choose, and there are valid arguments for both, if you are serious about your HD set and how the picture looks: get a set that has a user accessible complete Color Management System (CMS). I know the mid/high end Samsung sets do, as I have one and the CMS is tremendous for calibrating it. Your viewing habits and show preferences should guide you. And btw, plasmas will last longer than you'll want them too. That old...
I don't think its a gimmick at all. I used a Barbados for a while and loved the feel of it - and it was very nice in tracking through my stroke (face balanced). I also like the way it set up at address. I recently switched to the Abaco, and it too, is a great putter, though it's heel/toe weighted. Rife may be the most underrated putter out there. I suspect they may be frowned upon because they have an infomercial!
iacas has it right about the US courses not being "true" links courses for the most part. Since I've never played on a real links course, I voted for parkland, as - another poster noted - "its purrrdy". Love the walk in the country.
I agree with the assessment of the stoutness on those Red shafts. I tried them with the HiBode Xl and they were just too boardy for my tastes. Here's something amazing though, I have a friend who is using an 8.5º HiBore Xl with a Red stiff shaft, and his swing speed isn't over 100. And he loves it. So... to each his own. He just picked up a 9º Launcher with the stiff red, I haven't heard yet whether he likes it or not.
The last two tourneys I thought he was missing a lot of putts on the left of the hole, at least that is what it seemed like to me.... maybe I'll give him a call...
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