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Fred, seems like you and I are in the same place golf-wise. I've always had trouble getting my lower body to really move through to the left, and with the bending of the left wrist at impact. Luckily I found a teaching pro who provided me wih some very good drills that have helped me IMMENSELY in getting my weight transfer correct. We are now working on the proper release, as I tend to let my left wrist bow, and scoop a bit causing to high a ball flight. The drills we are...
Zero Friction are amazing. I don't know about the hype, but they last an ungodly amount of time.... Unless you give them away, you'll have them an awful long time!
I have a pair of Callaways which I really like, and am getting ready to drop on a pair of PeakVision shades. The peaks have a graded lens which is reputedly good for the way you need to see when playing, i.e. darker sky lighter ground...
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