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Yep - I just picked up a Rife Abaco, which is more mallet than blade, and that design is a heel-toe weighted. It fits an arc stroke much more naturally than a straight-back-straight-through. IMHO, with putters, its all about how much you "like" your putter. That will give you confidence, and confidence will certainly help your putting. Just my .02ยข
I have a Black series i9, which sets up beautifully for me.... But like others, I am not a fan of inserts, no matter how technologically advanced they get. The sound/feel of a metal putter is just "better" imho. So... neither. I picked up a Rife Abaco, same setup, but for me, better feel than the Odyssey!
Wow - just did that this w/e. Bought a Cobra DWS 16 degree.... Now, I hit my 3w like a cannon.... BUT - I wanted to add a Niblick, so I had to make room in the bag. The Baffler replaces a 3/5 wood combo. I used it for the first time and on one hole, it went pretty much as far as my 3w does. That's only one round of use, but I think this may be a keeper club. At $99, it was well worth it - with a VS Proto shaft as well!
I met the designer (Yale prof.) in Bethany, CT at Fore Seasons golf.... Nice guy. I like the concept. Certainly a good idea, but I can't afford it!
yep- +1. Only thing I don't do is close down the face. I find hooding the club gives me a draw with this shot more often than not.
+1 - just about sums it up!
+1 - just about sums it up!
Off the top of my head I can't recall the URC/URS differences, one was for a higher swing speed. But not to thread jack, the Srixon balls are also very good, and the new formulation even better. It seems that balls have really begun to become a very competitive market.
Good suggestion given the performance of clubs these days. Would allow a space for an extra wedge. That is - if you do a 3/5 wood combo, which I have. If I didn't, I would go for the 4w. But I happen to love both my fw woods.
And I think you did the right thing. Handled just right IMHO!
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