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I feel for you. I played a similar round getting paired with a guy who couldn't resist giving "lessons" to everyone, from swing critiques to anything else golf. By the fifth hole I basically told him to stop; that I have my own swing thoughts and don't need his. I was really, annoyed. But he at least cut it out with me, but my other two partners - who aren't that good, still got the "playing lessons".
Yeah the weather has affected the US Open this year in more ways than one! I only have one comment to add, and it has to do with the devolvement of golf with respect to the fans. It is simply a sign of the culture we live in, that we get yahoos yelling just to be heard, etc.. There is certainly a different attitude at events. Don't even try the "lighten up" line. There is a time and place to be a raucous buffoon (actually there isn't, but some places better than others),...
Made by Callaway. I tried them and for the price, I don't think there is a better $20/box of balls out there. Many soft cover balls shred, so that comes with the territory. Its a little easier to take when the price isn't so dear.
Still think they are a great inexpensive ball, played again with one today - still like the feel. I didn't realize they are made by Callaway - go figure - I normally play the Tour iX.
Duh! LOL - When I read that I laughed - that about sums it up. Doesn't really matter what is is (well - you will find differences - and hopefully pick what you putt best with if you're smart, ignoring the name on the putter), you gotta just believe in it.
I agree with Marinemike... A putter is very personal, and there are so many, and so many similar, it all boils down to trying them out and getting one that A) works for you -most important, and B) what you really like... I think there is a lot of psychological voodoo going on when it comes to us hackers and putting, that if we actually believe a putter is better, well, then we will put better with it...
Yeah - They are really a decent ball. If you're not into playing a "name" I think these deserve a serious round or two. I like 'em.
Sadly I think Eugene will never succeed in golf as long as he is so negative. Should he drop all the self abuse, he probably would be a heck of a lot better, but I am pretty sure he talks himself into more defeats than wins. Perhaps the whole tv thing just screwed with his confidence and comfort. He seemed like a nice enough guy. Still - I feel the players that are holing on are the ones with the best game, so that, at least, is good. My votes go to Derek, Gerina, and...
LOL - I just picked up 6 dz from lost golf balls, and have another 4dz at home .... I'm done! But - I do like the Srixon balls. I honestly think a lot of people have blinders on, and feel there is no other ball but a Titleist!
Sad to say, but this might have a ring of truth to it. But... All competitive athletes that are successful have a deep seated belief in their abilities, and to be the best you must believe you are the best. Nicklaus said once said something about his putting to the effect that he never missed a putt or they never went anywhere but where he was intending them to go, or something like that.... I do wish I could remember what it was he had said, as my paraphrasing does not...
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