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If you are spraying them left and right, I would not suspect the lie angle, especially if the same club is going both directions. That would make me think swing consistency. If all your shots with your irons are going one way, then I could see the lie angle being off. See what the pro thinks during your lesson, I think that makes the most sense.
Yeah - I enjoy watching him play. If he's in contention, we'll see him.
I want to see more of the woman from the "Top 10" show ad.... :)
Ok, so I'm 52 and my driver ss averages around 105... So speed for you is there, you just have to learn to tap into it. Its only your second year playing, and that may have a lot to do with it - though maybe not. Golf is really weird, in that it really is a game of paradoxical paradigms - you hit down to get the ball up, you swing easy to hit it further. I watched my friend hit today, and he looked like he was swinging out of his shoes, yet his ss was consistently below...
Yep... A good combo. Dottie Pepper &judy Rankin are among my favorite announcers for the LPGA - actually - any tour. And Hammons does a good job as well. The high priced duo doesn't do nearly as good a job!
Well... seems obvious in the voting that a good iron is the one. Nothing like it imho!
Yeah - No S#$!! I plan to watch sunday, but it looks like everything is sewn up. He could disintegrate, but that would be cosmically disturbing to crumble soooo much. I like Geoff, and hope he does well this year. Low key, plays golf, 'nuff said!
I certainly do. But then again, I'm a lot older than a lot of posters here. I took it up when I was 49. Like Rick, I was more the active outdoor type. I was seduced by the dark side and now golf is my sporting obsession. I used to laugh at my brothers & their golf talk, now they laugh at me :)
Not really. At least if you look at their specs. The 4's might have a bit of difference due to the cavity, but on paper, they are the same.
yep.... The stiff red may also work for you, but I found i didn't hit it too well, I went with a grafalloy Epic, and I love the feel of it. You can't go wrong with a VS Proto either, but shaft feel is an individual thing.... (I also have a BiMatrix stiff that I like in one as well) ymmv...
New Posts  All Forums: