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I've played a round with them along with a friend of mine. He plays V1x's as a rule, and Taylormade red's. He was pretty impressed with the 330RX, and will be playing them this weekend in a tourney. His assessment was that they were on par or better for him than either of his preferred balls. he's going to get back to me on Monday with another report. For me, I play Cally iX for my premium ball, and e6's as a mid-priced ball. The 330RX really wowed be off the driver, and...
...It's called "fashion"... She is a part time model, and you can be sure whatever she's wearing is not something picked up at goodwill. Frankly I like it, but then, I've been known to appreciate fashion when I see it.
One word on Woods '09: PUTTING! Absolutely horrid. They have to fix this or the game is gonna flop. Thank god I have '08!
Check out Famous Cigars. They have some good articles on "calibrating" an analog humistat. Actually, they are very good once they are calibrated. I have used digital models, and have found that they can vary quite a bit. I have had them give readings (comparing two in the same humidor) of 5 percentage points and more! I reccommend using the largest humidor and investing in the "Cigar Oasis" - check it out - I love this thing....
Yeah - I heard that and did a mental double-take... Funny as heck to me, it just came out so fluidly - like he was just shootin' the breeze at a bar with his buds.
I try to have one per 9 holes. Right now the humidor has a stock of CAO Cameroon Toros, Monticristo (Double Corona I believe), and IMHO one of the best inexpensive cigars - Sancho Panza (Glorioso). I also have a ten pack of Placensia Reseeve Organica that I picked up to try. I like the toro size about 6 x 50. They seem to offer the best size for me.
Actually, I thought Bob Costas was worse with his comments on the British cuisine - more insulting, typical American ethnocentricity....
I enjoy a cigar when I'm out... I usually like to keep Sancho Panza's on hand - a phenomenal inexpensive cigar! - and CAO Cameroon Toros. I will also try a few other "standard" brands, but these two are my regular smokes. I prefer a 6 x 50 size. Recently picked up some Montecristo double coronas and some Placensia Reserve Organicas as well.... Nothing like a good cigar and a Guinness or Port.... BTW - can't stand cigarettes - go figure.
Love the show! They make me laugh out loud at least once per show. I wish we could get more episodes though, I've seen them all and want some new material!
Well, I have a "Heavy Hitter" but rarely use it. Honestly, swing speed is more about putting together all the pieces properly and not really about strength, so don't beat yourself up with the workouts thinking that is what you need. I really don't know what you need.... You need to dissect your swing and find out where you are losing speed. One thing that does apply always. Relax. Tension kills speed. You are certainly young enough to still generate a good SS. Keep at it,...
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