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I've a C-04 and it is a phenomenal putter. But I do better with mallets... so now I have a BC-3. This putter is wonderful. You can absolutely feel the sweet spot on it, so off center hits you can feel. I've always held the opinion that a putter is like your spouse or s/o... you know when you find the right one, and you'll never know unless you try them out.:)
There was a drill on a PGA instruction video similar to this. The drill is to hit a driver 125, then 175 then 250, each time using a full swing. Of course the speed of that swing will change, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to hit a driver 125. And you'll be equally as surprised at how far you wind up hitting it doing this drill. Think on it and try it, it will help your driver performance.
Excellent choice! I was wondering the same thing. Without any other knowledge, I'd be using my 56° wedge though. I do have a 61°, but I've have too many mixed results with it, so from that yardage, and nothing else to go on... 56° wedge.
Blind tee shots or blind shots to the green.
And my own preferences are for the Rife barbados, and the BC3 Mizuno Bettinardi. Both of these to me suit my eye at address, and the BC3 has an amazing feel. But really, I honestly believe that what you BELIEVE in will be the best putter for you - and you gotta' practice as well! If there was a "best" don't you think the pros would all be using it???
What he said!!
I agree on this - forget the driver for now. To be honest, I crush my 3 wood, and usually its in the fairway where I aim a whole lot more than my driver is. If you have the patience and won't get frustrated and develop bad swing habits, go for the driver... And take the other advice - hit the clubs you're interested in, and get the one you hit the best, nit the one that's hyped the most. The driver is usually the hardest club to hit. What about some lessons - they are...
I recently started to hover the club on my wood tee shots, and find I have gotten to like it better. On all other shots I still ground the club. That may change as the year progresses, but for now, its only woods on tee shots.
As was said, time will tell. She will have to go through a few more seasons like last year to really make comparisons. Annika was the closest, but here days seem to be fading a bit - but then again - she could bounce back and regain what she had. She certainly has the work ethic to do so. Ochoa has it as well - we'll see how it goes.
It's been said. Look to a good pro for lessons... And before you go looking at x shafts, get a little experience, and get fitted properly. They say fitting is for everyone - including and especially for new/high hcp players, but I find that could be a dual edge sword. (If you can't make a decent swing, doesn't really matter what is is you are holding) But if you are "satisfied" that the swing you have is what you want to work with, then get to a fitter, and let them...
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