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These courses are in suburban Buffalo, I play one of them, Harvest Hill, a couple of times a year. It's home to The First Tee of Western NY, and a real gem. I'm actually thinking about leaving my private CC and getting a season pass there next season. I couldn't believe it when I saw the report, and can't bring myself to drive by and see the damage in person. I'm sure the guy will get his though....the course is owned by one of the most well known lawyers in town. He...
Just because they have Sid and Malkin doesn't make them a "much more skilled team". Is Boston "more skilled" than Pitt? They had 8 more points, scored 12 more goals, and allowed 30 fewer goals against than Pitt, but most would consider them a "clutch and grab" team. The best teams in the NHL have a balance of both, Chicago, LA, and Boston all have it, PItt used to, Detroit used to. Many are close, few team can keep it for long once they do find that balance. It's not the...
Well, you are entitled to disagree, but you still haven't given an example of a "skill team". Pitt? LA? Boston? Chicago? I'll argue that ALL, even your beloved Pens have clutch and grab players (think Hal Gill in 2009 -24 playoff games and huge shutdown role) AND skilled players. The team that is smart in balancing their skill, while disrupting their opponents skill with physical play, will win. No, I don't feel that is the same in the regular season vs playoffs. No, I...
Ok warning But I have to do it.Those are players, not teams. You said that skill teams in the playoffs get hosed. Did you mean to say Sid gets hosed??? Every team has both skilled and "clutch and grab" players. The dumb teams get hosed, the smart ones win cups......bad ones miss the playoffs....What Sid did in that clip was a penalty, Stahl pushed him, Sid CROSSCHECKED in retaliation. I couldn't even tell if Moore hit him, but if he did it wasn't enough for a penalty.
Ok, I'll bite. Could you define or give an example of a "skill team"? As for the warning track, are we talking NHL or amateur ice hockey? It would be a good thing in amateur hockey, both for players and officials. In the NHL it is totally unnecessary. The players at the NHL level have an unreal sense of positional awareness, and do not need a "warning track". In a majority of hits along the boards, players will use the boards to their advantage, to absorb the force of a...
It's an armored Smart Car?!?!? Dave certainly isn't going too far "out of town" in this!!
Yes it did!! And it is an awesome read! I feel so lucky!
They look good to me. Call Titleist and check the numbers, but I'd say you have nothing to worry about. Enjoy them!!
I haven't had this, but I have worked with a few athletes that have. The surgery is quite simple (as far as surgery goes). Generally the surgeon makes a small incision in the palm of the hand over the fracture, removes the bone fragment, and closes the incision. Recovery, in the absence of any complications, is quick and activity may resume once the incision is fully healed. The incision site may be sensitive for weeks/months after, but that is generally the only limitation.
I'm the Head Athletic Trainer for a NHL team. 2 weekends left for golf till training camp 2013!!!
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